The flagship e-sports iQOO 7 for gamers is officially on sale

Today, iQOO 7 is officially on sale, starting at 3798 yuan (USD $543) . For friends who like to play games, iQOO 7 is a very good choice. iQOO 7 uses the latest Snapdragon 888 flagship chip, is equipped with a 120Hz full-sensing screen, supports dual-control pressure sensing under the screen, and brings a different experience to the game operation. What is special about iQOO 7? Is it right for you? The articles are announced for you one by one.

In terms of appearance design, although iQOO 7 is an e-sports flagship phone, its overall design will not have a particularly obvious gaming phone style, which is closer to mainstream phone design. iQOO 7 is available in black, latent blue, and legendary versions.

The black color matching back cover adopts a multi-layered design, with a unique “lithographic lens pattern” in the middle of the two layers of glass, as well as a concave arc texture, which brings a delicate touch while not easy to leave fingerprints. The latent blue color scheme creates a sense of depth through the multi-layered process of the back cover, reflecting the flowing blue on the silver-white body, which is very mysterious.

The iQOO 7 legendary version has a unique charm, integrating the iconic three-color stripes into the fuselage, which is very recognizable and can also create a stronger sense of speed. The back of the fuselage is mainly pure white matte effect, and the middle frame is made of “nautical aluminum” material, which has better corrosion resistance and toughness, and enhances the protection of the phone.

While maintaining a certain uniqueness, the design of iQOO 7 can also meet the aesthetics of more users. Although the body weight of 209.5g is not very light, it can also provide a good grip with the curved design on the back.

E-sports games are a major selling point of iQOO 7, and iQOO 7 has many special features in the game section. In terms of basic performance, iQOO 7 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 platform + enhanced version of LPDDR5 + enhanced version of UFS 3.1, and the overall performance is also the current first echelon level.

iQOO 7 has a built-in 4K-level power pump for liquid cooling, and a storage combination of up to 12GB+256GB is optional, and it supports memory fusion technology. iQOO 7’s AnTuTu comprehensive running score is as high as 730,000+, and its theoretical performance can easily meet the needs of most mainstream games. Even if you are an avid gamer, don’t worry about the performance part.

“Peace Elite” frame rate test

“Original God” frame rate test

According to the actual test, the average frame rate of playing “Peace Elite” with iQOO 7 is 59.6FPS, and the fluctuation is very small. Even in the game “Original God” with particularly high hardware performance requirements, the average frame rate can reach 57.5 frames.

In the hardware part, iQOO 7 has made many improvements to the gaming experience. iQOO 7 has added a dual-control pressure-sensitive function under the screen, and the left and right areas of the screen under the horizontal screen hold support pressure-sensitive touch. Through the pressure-sensitive function, you can change your two-finger operation to four-finger, as if there is a peripheral blessing.

For example, in the game “Peace Elite”, the screen pressure sensing function can directly realize the shooting operation, and the shooting can also be moved freely. The dual-control pressure sensitivity of iQOO 7’s screen improves the game operation significantly, and it is also suitable for many game scenarios.

iQOO 7 is also equipped with dual-line motors on the left and right sides of the screen. In conjunction with the dual-control pressure-sensitive operation of the screen, it can realize left and right vibrations respectively. The vibration is more realistic and layered, which can meet the vibration effect of complex scenes, and the game experience becomes more Really interesting. When playing the “Peace Elite” game, the system will vibrate according to the position hit by the bullet, which can reflect the position of the enemy and so on. iQOO 7 is adapted for different scenarios.

In terms of display, iQOO 7 is equipped with a 6.62-inch Samsung AMOLED straight screen, designed for centered punching, with a screen-to-body ratio of 91.4%. The screen supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, and can intelligently switch the refresh rate at 30/60/90/120Hz. The screen resolution is 2400×1080, supports DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR+ screen certification. The peak brightness of the screen is 800nit, and the local maximum brightness is 1300nit.

With the blessing of high-quality screens, iQOO 7 can have a very good experience in playing games and watching movies. It is worth mentioning that the screen of iQOO 7 supports a touch report rate of 300Hz, which can reach an instantaneous touch sampling rate of 1000Hz. Even for games with high control requirements, iQOO 7 can provide timely response, which is especially important for gamers.

In addition, iQOO 7 is equipped with bi-linear speakers, built-in CS43131 independent Hi-Fi chip, passed Hi-Res certification, and supports Super Audio sound effects. You can get a very good sound experience when playing games or watching movies outside.

iQOO 7 supports 120W fast charging, the charging head is compatible with 65W PD protocol, and it has a built-in 4000mAh battery. According to actual tests, iQOO 7 can be charged to 39% of power in 5 minutes, and it takes only 16 minutes to reach 100%.

Although the battery is slightly smaller, the charging speed of iQOO 7 is very fast. It can be charged a lot in a few minutes of fragmentation, which can reduce the anxiety of battery life. In addition, the charging head of iQOO 7 is compatible with the 65W PD protocol, which can meet the fast charging needs of more devices. You can only bring one charging head when you go out, which is more convenient.

iQOO 7 can realize dual card dual 5G, support WiFi6, mobile phone adopts vertical and horizontal full-scene antenna, horizontal screen holding can also ensure antenna performance and reduce latency. When playing games that require relatively high network conditions, the network quality of iQOO 7 can also be guaranteed.

Although imaging is not the core competitiveness of iQOO 7, it also has a good performance. The rear of iQOO 7 is a 48-megapixel main camera + 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 13-megapixel portrait lens three-shot combination. There is no round-up lens, and each one can work.

The main camera of iQOO 7 is the IMX598 sensor jointly customized with Sony, which supports OIS optical image stabilization, which can not only easily meet the daytime shooting scenes, but also improve the image quality of dark scenes.

Ultra wide angle

The iQOO 7’s 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens combines macro shooting, which enriches the way to take pictures. The 13-megapixel portrait lens can achieve 2x optical zoom, making it more user-friendly to shoot portraits. With the professional portrait mode 3.0, you can take good portrait photos easily.

iQOO 7 also supports Super Night Scene 5.0, video professional mode, vlog short video template, etc. iQOO 7 is equipped with OriginOS for iQOO. The new OriginOS has been upgraded in the system interface and interactive functions, which can bring users a more convenient and efficient experience.

iQOO 7 has strong hardware performance support and can easily meet the needs of mainstream games. In addition to powerful performance, iQOO 7 has also fully optimized the hardware and software for the gaming experience. Hardware configurations such as the dual-control pressure sensing function under the screen and the dual-line motor can directly enhance the gaming experience and bring peace to players. A differentiated gaming experience for ordinary flagship phones.

The overall body design of iQOO 7 is not as distinctive as some game phones, which meets the aesthetic needs of more users, and the imaging system can also provide good shooting effects. If you particularly like playing games and also hope that your mobile phone can provide a good comprehensive experience, iQOO 7 is worthy of your consideration.

The iQOO 7 8GB+128GB version is priced at 3798 yuan (USD $543) , and the 12GB+256GB version is priced at 4198 yuan (USD $600) . It has been officially launched today. Interested friends can go to vivo official website, Jingdong and other platforms to buy. Buy now and get a free earphone, friends who want to buy it quickly.