The game king is coming! HP Shadow Elf 6 is equipped with tenth-generation Core H-series mobile processors

On July 9, HP launched a new generation of OMEN Shadow Elf 6 gaming notebook, equipped with the 10th generation of Intel® Core™ H series mobile processors, designed to meet the needs of high-end gamers and performance enthusiasts for ultimate mobile performance. Bring players powerful and stable computing performance, excellent display performance and rich connection performance. As one of Intel’s important partners, HP integrates its own technology and design concepts to give full play to the high performance of Intel® Core™ H series mobile processors to create a brand new mobile gaming and performance fever platform. Games, live broadcast, sharing, and super task processing are all done in one go, smoothly, allowing the game/e-sports field to break through without limits.

In line with today's consumer trends, gaming products are developing in a lighter and thinner direction. The tenth-generation Intel Core H-series mobile processors are inherently lightweight and low-heat, making thin and light gaming laptops possible. The new generation of Shadow Elf 6 has improved the design of the fuselage mold, the overall appearance is thinner and more restrained, while improving the heat dissipation efficiency, ensuring the stable performance of the performance, and bringing players a more enjoyable and enjoyable gaming experience. At the same time, the portable and low-key body design can also be used in various occasions such as office, creative production, video editing, and learning to meet the needs of all aspects of your life.

Shadow Elf 6 GTX1650/GTX1650Ti models are as thin as 22.5mm, while RTX2060 and above models are only 22.9mm thick. The width of the body is reduced by 8% compared to the previous generation, making it more delicate and portable. Equipped with a 15.6-inch IPS high color gamut screen, with a narrow frame design, the sides of the frame are only 4.97mm, and the top part retains the camera while reducing the width, making the visual effect more immersive. Shadow Elf 6 can choose 60Hz, 144Hz, 300Hz refresh rate configuration, high refresh rate can bring a smoother game screen, do not worry about screen afterimage, tearing and other issues.

In terms of core configuration, Shadow Elf 6 is equipped with the tenth-generation Intel Core H series mobile processor, providing two models of Core i5-10300H and Core i7-10750H for players to choose from. Among them, the i7-10750H uses a 6-core 12-thread design, with a turbo frequency reaching an amazing 5.0GHz, detonating a new era of 5GHz gaming. Compared with the processor 3 years ago, the overall performance can be increased by up to 33%, the game FPS value can be increased by up to 44%, and the 4K video output speed can be increased by up to 70%. The tenth-generation Core processor also launched the revolutionary Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) technology for the first time. Compared with the previous generation Wi-Fi 5, the wireless transmission speed is about 3 times faster and the transmission delay is reduced by about 75%, whether it is a game. In competitions or live broadcasts, the network delay and congestion are completely kept away, and players can enjoy a more enjoyable experience.

In addition, Shadow Elf 6 is also equipped with NVIDIA GTX/RTX series game graphics cards, up to RTX2070 Super Max-Q, real-time ray tracing technology, vivid and smooth game pictures, 4K video playback, video clip rendering, etc. are more smooth and efficient. HP OMEN Shadow Elf 6 is also equipped with 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz dual-channel high-frequency memory (running at 2933MHz), 512GB M.2 PCIe gaming-grade solid state hard drive, large-capacity memory with high-speed hard drive, more comprehensive use of the powerful performance of Intel processors, software Running and loading are faster, and multiple software switching can be kept smooth and not stuck, improving the efficiency of office and learning.

Inside the thin and light body, the Shadow Elf 6 is also equipped with a strong cooling system. The body achieves a 75.6% rear cooling opening rate. Compared with the previous generation, the air intake has increased by 62% and the cooling efficiency has been greatly improved. The interior is equipped with HP's most high-end Coolstorm cooling technology. The cooling module composed of dual fans and four heat pipes can quickly export heat from the processor, graphics card and other locations to ensure strong performance and lasting and stable performance.

At the same time, players can also monitor and adjust in real time through the HP Game Control Center (OMEN Command Center), and flexibly switch between the three modes of Balance, Rage, and DIY fan according to the load of different programs, easily taking into account multiple occasions and uses such as gaming, office, and learning. Recently, the control center has also launched a reward mechanism. During the event, use the HP Game Control Center to play online games, and you can win welfare prizes based on the online time.

Intel has always been innovating technology and products through its keen insight into the gaming industry, leading the gaming PC market to continuously introduce new ones, and is a reliable and win-win ecological partner in the industry. HP continues to work closely with Intel to continuously explore the new demands of the gaming PC market, creating powerful gaming PCs one after another, allowing gamers to enjoy the joy of digital entertainment. HP OMEN Shadow Elf 6 is outstanding in performance, heat dissipation, appearance and other aspects. If you like it, please click on the link below to learn about purchase!

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