The global consumer electronics list is released, and OPPO's performance in the mobile phone field is firmly in the top five

Recently, a list of the TOP brands of global consumer electronics products compiled by the VisualCapitalist website has been released. In the field of mobile phones, several brands from China account for half of them. OPPO has a 9% share of the global market. The fifth place is impressive.

OPPO, as a technology company with deep technical knowledge, has launched a series of smartphones such as Find X2 series and Reno4 series that have achieved excellent market response, and its unique 65W super flash charging technology, excellent imaging capabilities, etc. Excellent experiences are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In addition to OPPO ranking among the top five in the TOP brand list announced this time, according to market research agency Counterpiont, in the second quarter of 2020, OPPO once again became the number one smartphone shipment in Southeast Asia with a market share of 20.3%. .

According to TrendForce's data, global smartphone shipments fell nearly 20% in the second quarter of this year. OPPO is able to go against the trend when global shipments are declining, and still achieve a growth of about 20% in the Southeast Asian market, which is really commendable. OPPO also has a three-fold increase in the European market over the same period last year.

In addition, OPPO has continued to establish strategic cooperation with global operators. For example, it recently established a strategic partnership with América Móvil, the largest telecom operator in Latin America, which has become another milestone in OPPO's continuous efforts in the global market. Earlier news has been exposed that OPPO’s global market has once again increased orders, with a cumulative order volume of 110 million units, which shows that it is full of confidence in further expansion of the market.

And OPPO’s continuous innovation, fighting to go abroad, continue to exert its strength in the global market, and become another Chinese brand that attracts the world’s attention, and we also believe that in the next statistical list, OPPO will achieve even more attention than it is now. Good results.