The Honor Double 11 battle report is here! Honor Band 60% of smart life product sales TOP1

Time flies quickly, the annual Double 11 has come to an end, and it’s time for the teams to publish their reports. The Honor Smart Life series products have achieved very dazzling results in this battle, and at the same time the most of the 11 major HONOR Life series of the series was born.

This time the “HONOR Life’s most-selling product” is the new hot model that created the era of full-screen wristbands-Honor Band 6, with a screen-to-body ratio of 64%, a larger display and operating experience, and blood oxygen Monitoring, heart rate monitoring, women’s health management, and 10 professional sports follow-up functions. It also has upgraded magnetic fast charging, supports NFC mobile payment and other functions. Who can not love such practical trendy products.

The Honor Smart Screen, which won the “Highest Sales of HONOR Life”, is based on the five standards of smart screens, with strong performance configuration and excellent display effects, bringing users a brand new large screen experience. , The super cost-effective Honor Smart Screen has become the choice for more users to watch movies on the big screen. At the same time, data shows that the proportion of cooking experts among users who purchase the Honor Smart Screen is as high as 64.83%.

It is worth mentioning that this time the Honor Notebook has become the most popular product of “HONOR Life of Generation Z”. According to the data provided by Honor, 45% of users who purchase Honor notebooks are 18-23 years old, and 98.3% of users are digital experts. It seems that with excellent performance and portability, Honor Notebooks are very popular among young digital experts.

In other respects, most of the people who bought Honor tablets on Double 11 this time are relatively young. The 25-35 year-olds account for 40%, and 43% of them are young parents. It seems that Honor tablets have become young. An indispensable artifact for parents to chase drama daily and learn for their children. For products like routers that used to be tossed by boys, women accounted for 60% of the purchasers this time. “The most unexpected buyer of HONOR Life” is none other than it.

In addition, 34% of users who bought Honor watches often go to travel, and 27.74% of users like to go out. It seems that Honor watches have become the favorite of petty-bourgeois users. This is reflected in sales volume. Honor Watch 2 will be held on Double 11. In one fell swoop,, Tmall, and Suning won the single product limit and sales double champion of smart watches within 1,000 yuan (USD $143) . The cool fashion appearance and super high cost performance are indeed standard for urban life.

(Original image of Honor Watch 2 poster)

As for Honor Selection, sales from November 1 to 11 increased by 150% year-on-year, becoming “HONOR Life’s fastest growth.” Among them, the users who bought the Honor Super Sensing Fascia Gun also bought protein powder, which shows that these users not only pay attention to health, but are also keen to exercise. The reason why one third of the users of the Honor Pro-selected Antibacterial Vacuum Cleaner is an experienced cat slave is mainly because the Honor Pro-selected Antibacterial Vacuum Cleaner has an excellent cleaning ability for animal hair.

It is not difficult to see from the double 11 record that relying on the implementation of the 1+8+N full-scenario smart strategy, the Honor Smart Life series products are deeply loved by various user groups. With excellent product experience and super high cost performance, they have become It is the best choice for young users to upgrade their smart life.