The gorgeous transformation of white art, vivo S7 moonlight white set off a wave of white

From the perspective of modern art, many people think that art should be insulated from white, and often come up with frivolous and mysterious color styles to cater to the sensory nerves of the world. However, throughout the history of art development, from classical period, Romanticism, to realistic style, and then to postmodernism, the white trend seems to have traces in every period. At present, an all white “Untitled” oil painting by Robert Lehmann is estimated to be worth 120 million, which ushers in a “Metamorphosis” of white art, thus opening up a wave of “white effect” in the art circle.

The modern taste of white minimalism has always been the mainstream of science and technology circle, and the pursuit of ultimate monochrome art has become one of the aesthetic standards of science and technology. White is clean, concise and deep, and it is easy to integrate with today’s aesthetic and lifestyle. “Moving white” is becoming more popular. At the beginning of August, vivo S7 showed the world’s amazing white science and technology art.

Gorgeous transformation, vivo S7 moon white interpretation of white art

Under the photographer’s artistic technique, vivo S7 moonlight white experienced an artistic “transformation”. The photographer takes the snow as the creative image, and through the description of the state transition from snow to ice, the photographer shows the theme of “Metamorphosis” of the moonlight white of vivo S7. In terms of vision, the photographer shows a kind of “breakthrough” visual tension through “broken ice” and “ice crack”. The unity of snow and ice in color and light and shadow background, make vivo S7 moonlight white more artistic temperament. On the back cover of vivo S7, white is quiet, silent and pure, as if all things in time are still here. Sometimes it turns into a memory of the floating world; sometimes it turns into a poem in eternal time, elegant and holy; sometimes it turns into a flawless dream, as if there is nothing, stirring the heartstrings

Inspired by the painting pigment, exquisite craft makes moonlight white art new

On the previous vivo S6, the designer integrated the melody of music into it, showing elegance and healing. For vivo S7, designers continue to explore the realm of art, and apply the chalk elements of the immortal paintings to color design inspiration. After appreciating the color of the chalk after metamorphosis, vivo S7’s designers found that it’s non image is also all things. The designer engraved this all embracing white copy on the vivo S7 mobile phone, which also included innumerable emotions and stories. Under the changing light and shadow, vivo S7 moonlight white fuselage is transparent and pure, presenting the beauty of white art.

In terms of process design, vivo S7 designers used pearl white coating and sputtering coating process to finely polish, making the color transition more transparent and pure, presenting pure and dynamic beauty. At the same time, Ag micro nano large light column texture technology makes the original matte surface have dynamic light variation effect, especially in a single shadow light source, the change effect of this light column is more obvious. Through the Ag process of light transmission and purity, vivo S7 moonlight white deduces pure and romantic texture aesthetics.

Ultra Slim fuselage design, vivo S7 achieves unique “white temptation”

White art spread over the fuselage, vivo S7’s lightweight attribute is more precious. With 170g fuselage weight, 7.39mm body thickness and mellow curved middle frame, vivo S7 fuselage is as warm as jade, which can achieve the double soft beauty of vision and touch. Lightweight body with white minimalist art, vivo S7 can make people have countless artistic associations. In addition, the rear camera design of vivo S7 continues the design scheme of “two color cloud scale” initiated by vivo industry, and makes corresponding optimization for the aesthetic concept of S series, which is concise, exquisite and orderly. The simple lines further set off vivo S7’s Moonlight white minimalism, so simple and pure that people have ripples.

Whether it is art, design, architecture, or music, literature, film, when a certain art category starts to worship white, its trend will quickly spread to other categories, and eventually popular in the whole art. The new vivo S7 moonlight white redefines the white design in the scientific and technological field, and combines white art with technology. Vivo S7 is currently in hot sale. You can pay attention to it if you like.