The heat dissipation capability reaches a new height iQOO Neo5 confirms to be equipped with a full coverage liquid cooling system

On March 8, 2021, @iQOO mobile phone official Weibo announced that it will bring iQOO Neo5 a full coverage liquid cooling solution system, and has a “three-in-one low-power consumption” that combines flagship performance with excellent low-power performance. solution”.

In order to escort the powerful performance, the heat dissipation performance of iQOO mobile phones has always been very good, leading the industry. This time, iQOO Neo5 directly shouted “flagship-level heat dissipation is really tough”. The new product is equipped with a large area of nearly 6000mm2 graphite plate, and the heat dissipation volume is increased to 210%. With a full coverage liquid cooling solution system, heat generation is reduced and power consumption is reduced. , Keep calm and high-energy output.

iQOO Neo5 adopts a “three-in-one low-power solution” for power consumption control. In addition to the super large graphite board and the full-coverage wolf cooling solution system, iQOO Neo5 is “steady frame rate and gentle power consumption”, giving full play to The advantage of “dual-core” cooperation, using the powerful dynamic frame stabilization technology of the independent display chip, sharing part of the work of the original GPU high-load rendering screen by the independent display chip, ensuring long-term playing of 90-frame games such as “Bangbai 3” The frame rate is stable and the power consumption is reduced by 45%.

Multi-Turbo 5.0 is also one of iQOO Neo5’s “three-in-one low-power solution” support. It accelerates the engine to upgrade again, predicts abnormal freezes, and performs rapid repairs, which can also reduce functional power consumption and achieve in game scenes. , Even if the battle is fierce, the frame will not drop or freeze.

The “dual-core flagship” iQOO Neo5 will be officially released on March 16. In addition to the super large-area graphite plate, the full-coverage liquid cooling system and the “three-in-one low-power solution”, the new machine is equipped with an independent display chip and 66W Flash charging, with Snapdragon 870 processor, enhanced version of UFS 3.1 and “memory fusion” technology composed of “performance super body”, new strength products are coming soon, don’t miss it!