The high-performance 64-megapixel vivo Y53s with a thousand-yuan US phone is too popular among netizens

During the 618 shopping carnival, vivo seemed to have deliberately pinched the time point and released the new model of the Y series-vivo Y53s before the festival, which perfectly inherited the excellent tradition of the Y series with high appearance. The body adopts “Starry Night”. “The three colors of “Haiyan” and “Iridescent”, the color design is very public and avant-garde, in line with the mainstream young people’s aesthetics, I have to say that vivo does have a good job in design and craftsmanship.

The most noteworthy is this 64 million main camera image system. After the photo is taken, the details of the photo are still very clear after zooming in. The magic brought by high pixels can make you indulge in it, and the software algorithm for correcting image jitter in multiple frames can The production quality and production efficiency have been greatly improved, and the portrait mode is also supported in the night scene mode. The multi-frame synthesis algorithm significantly reduces the noise of the photo. Some small applications of the photo album are also features of vivo. The vivo Y53s has the old photo repair function to add to its playability. At the same time, the video call also has the blessing of beauty effects.

The screen uses a 90Hz high refresh rate screen, with a 20:9 screen ratio, making it easier to swipe the information flow interface.

The storage capacity started with the 8+128g version. Users with more memory requirements can choose the 8+256 version, and the memory fusion technology can expand 3G storage to the running memory, forming a combination of 8+3, making application loading faster fast. And the large battery capacity of 5000 mAh combined with 18W fast charging can keep you within a safe range of battery life anytime, and you can quickly return blood through fast charging when the battery is in emergency.

Vivo Y53s is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor, and its response speed has been greatly improved. It also supports dual-mode 5G network support. The surround antenna design also allows users to bid farewell to signal anxiety. It can be connected smoothly at all times and has five layers of liquid cooling. The heat dissipation system also keeps the temperature inside the machine within a reasonable range at all times, which requires running fast and long.

Generally speaking, vivo Y53s is very worth buying at this price. It can actually meet the needs of most users. The main photography technology also adds support for vlog creation, which is more in line with current fashion trends. The large-capacity battery also allows The user principle is anxious about battery life. If 618 is planning to buy this phone, friends may wish to pay more attention to the official activities in the online shopping malls of major platforms. At present, the vivo Y53s on Jingdong has a preferential policy of 12 white bars and interest-free.