The highest cheapest 1543! Hainan version of iPhone incense crazy?

Friends who follow current affairs and news often remember the preferential tax exemption policy of Hainan Province. This policy has made the purchase price of many consumer electronic products in Hainan much cheaper. The same is true for the recently released iPhone 12 series, although it has not yet been officially launched. The store is open for sale, but someone has already calculated the duty-free price of the iPhone 12 series based on the past duty-free prices. The highest discount has reached 2213 yuan (USD $316) .

Old iPhone users must be aware of the existence of the Hong Kong version. For a long time, the Hong Kong version iPhone has been the first choice for many users with insufficient budget. However, the warranty issues of the Hong Kong version iPhone have also made many users hesitant. The Hainan version of the iPhone is expected to be lower than the Hong Kong version of the iPhone after tax-free, and because it is in the mainland, it enjoys the warranty of the Bank of China, which has obvious advantages in after-sales and other aspects.

Moreover, since the 8,000 yuan (USD $1143) tax-free limit for a single product was cancelled on July 1, even the high-priced iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max can enjoy the tax-free policy. Some netizens have made a statistical table, which can be seen, according to estimates, the minimum price of iPhone 12 mini is 4784 yuan (USD $683) , while the price of the Hong Kong version is 5220 yuan (USD $746) .

The most popular iPhone 12 128G version only costs about 5,915 yuan (USD $845) , which is 884 yuan (USD $126) cheaper than the domestic version, and the most powerful one is naturally the highest-priced iPhone 12 Pro Max 512G version, which is expected to be priced at 10352 yuan (USD $1479) after duty-free , Compared with the Chinese Mainland License version, 1543 yuan (USD $220) discount. Although these are only estimated prices at present, the specific prices will be announced by the duty-free shops, but at least they can be hundreds of thousands cheaper. If you happen to have friends who plan to travel to Hainan Island, you can pay attention to them in advance.