The Honor 50 series adapts to the King’s 90 frame mode, and the measured performance is equal to the flagship Snapdragon chip

As the most popular national mobile game, “Honor of the King” has always been loved by many people. Since this year’s “King of Honor” successively opened the 90fps high frame rate mode for high-end mobile phones, the experience of this game has successfully taken a step forward. In other words, it can now be adapted to “King of Honor” mobile phones with 90fps high frame rate mode. , The overall performance must be very strong.

In mid-June, Honor officially launched the latest new generation of digital series-Honor 50 series, and starting from the Wang Zherong version update on June 30, the Honor 50 series also officially supports the 90-frame high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings”. The user brings a smooth gaming experience.

Players using Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro only need to update “Honor of Kings” to the latest game version and find the image setting button in the game settings menu bar to successfully turn on the 90fps high frame rate mode. After the 90fps high frame rate mode is turned on, the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro can be seen from the actual measurement results of digital bloggers. The average frame rate has reached the ultra-high level of 89.7fps, which has equalized or even exceeded some Snapdragon 888’s. Mobile phone products.

(Honor 50 Pro, the average frame rate of Honor of Kings is 89.7)

(A Snapdragon 888 model has an average frame rate of 87.2)

Previously, under the malicious instigation of a few people, many people questioned the product quality of the Honor 50 series. After the Honor 50 series supports the King’s 90-frame mode, many media and institutions have also carried out the performance of the Honor 50 series. The result of the test is also a powerful response to the doubts of the outside world.

The performance of the Honor 50 series is so beyond expectations. On the one hand, it is derived from the powerful potential of the Snapdragon 778G itself. The Snapdragon 778G uses TSMC’s 6nm process technology, 4 large cores with A78 architecture, and the highest frequency can reach 2.4GHz. It can be said that Snapdragon 778G Although the Dragon 778G is a chip starting with 7, it has flagship performance potential. At the same time, Honor also has powerful chip optimization capabilities, which can more fully stimulate and release the performance potential of the Snapdragon 778G. According to Honor CEO Zhao Ming, Honor’s unique GPU Turbo technology has been adapted to the Snapdragon platform, which will undoubtedly further enhance Honor. 50 series of gaming performance.

In addition to “King of Honor”, the frame rate performance of the Honor 50 series running large games such as “Peace Elite” and “Original God” is also very outstanding. According to the data of many tests conducted by Xiaobai, the average frame rate of Honor 50 Pro running “Peace Elite” can reach 89.82, and the average frame rate of running “Original God” can reach 49.9, which surpasses many equipped with Snapdragon 870 and 888 chip mobile phone. It seems that when judging the performance of a mobile phone, the chip is only the basis, and good optimization is the kingly way.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure a long-lasting and stable mobile game experience for mobile game users, Yao 50 Pro is also equipped with a multi-dimensional heat dissipation combination of dual VC liquid cooling + high thermal conductivity graphene to ensure that the game will not appear due to overheating of the phone. Stuttering, uncomfortable holding and other issues.

All in all, the Honor 50 series, which has excellent overall performance, does not judge heroes by running points, but makes friends and users admire it with actual performance. Now the Honor 50 series is on sale, and users who like to play games can completely dispel the difference. It’s performance concerns, don’t worry, let’s start!