The Honor 8X with 10 million sales has been delayed for one month? Honor Cloud visit reveals the strict quality standards

[TechWeb] Today, mobile phones have become a part of people's lives, and we spend a lot of time on mobile phones every day. Therefore, consumers' requirements for the quality of mobile phones have continued to increase, and to better protect the quality of mobile phones, they must maintain a very high level throughout the entire process from R & D, production, and testing. Looking at the current mobile phone manufacturers, there are very few mobile phone manufacturers with complete mobile phone R & D and production chains. Honor can be said to be one of the few manufacturers in the industry.

On March 16, Honor held a "cloud visit" event online, leading consumers to multiple Huawei laboratories and production lines. "Cloud Visit" allows consumers to experience the hard-core quality of Honor's products from R & D to production and testing.

During the "Cloud Visit" event, consumers can learn that Honor's quality control system is completely consistent with Huawei's and adopts unified research and development and testing standards. For example, during the development of a single mobile phone product, the mobile phone will take more than 100,000 photos under various strict temperature and humidity conditions, continuously play local videos for more than 200 hours, and repeatedly transmit more than 200G of data through WiFi. The high-intensity test far exceeds industry standards. But it is also this kind of "exceeding" detection that can guarantee the reliability of users' actual use.

The quality and quantity of the product is the best manifestation of mobile phone manufacturers' responsibility to consumers. On the day of visiting the West Institute, Zheng Square, Vice President of Huawei ’s Consumer Business Phone Product Line, also accepted an exclusive interview with the media. He introduced that Honor8X was originally scheduled to be listed in August 2018, but a one-time Individual issues of stability, and in order to completely eliminate potential problems and risks, Honor8X stiffly delayed listing for one month. The purpose is to not push any product with potential risks to consumers.

Excellent product quality and cutting-edge technology research and development have allowed Honor to achieve contrarian growth under the overall downward environment of the industry. From the recent battle reports of the HonorV30 series of 5G mobile phones, it can be seen that in the New Year's Day, Valentine's Day and Queen's Day, many sales nodes have steadily ranked "the champion of Android phone sales in the 3,000-4000 yuan (USD $429) range." And HonorV30 PRO praise rate continued to stabilize at 96%. Honor's smart living products, including the HonorMagicBook series, routers, etc., all achieved good results in February.

During this "cloud visit" event, consumers visited Honor's factory and R & D base, and they can intuitively understand that a good product has been refined and refined, and Honor's self-developed and self-produced products have ensured stable quality. It is understood that this cloud visit is the first time that Honor's internal laboratories and production lines are open to the public. It not only reflects Honor's confidence in its own products and technologies, but also allows the industry to pay more attention to product quality issues and bring better consumers. product experience.