The Huawei Smart Living Pavilion will open on June 6th, taking you to foresee the future smart life of family

Smart life, smart technology, sense the future! On June 6, the Huawei Smart Living Center (Shenzhen Zhuoyue Center) opened. This is Huawei’s first intelligent living hall in Shenzhen. The hall incorporates stylish architectural design, built-in Huawei’s many “full scene” black technology products and future quality life experience (HiCar scene area, smart full scene area), which will surely become another A dozen shrines. For the vision of the future, you may wish to walk into the Huawei Smart Living Pavilion to really feel the extraordinary experience brought by future technology.

One of the highlights of the opening of the Huawei Smart Living Pavilion is that it has subverted the traditional store display ideas and innovatively adopted the “scene” product display logic: through the intelligent interconnection between different products to build mobile offices, smart homes, The five life scenes of sports health, smart travel, and audio-visual entertainment allow consumers to experience the “future” life experience brought by the intelligent linkage between products in one scene.

In terms of product display, Huawei Smart Living Museum integrates visual display and interactive experience, so that such a rich product can be better presented to consumers. From the four dimensions of “smart display, art display, independent experience, interactive experience”, we provide products more suitable for mobile phones, smart screens, watches, Bands, tablets, computers, home furnishing, official and third-party accessories, cloud services and other products. Convenient display form, consumers can not only experience Huawei’s diversified products, but also participate in rich and interesting mobile photography, VR games and smart life experience. The most important thing is that Huawei provides more professional services, so that consumers can feel the human care of Huawei Smart Living Museum and “share a better life” with Huawei.

The four centers of smart screens achieve the entrance to the family center

In this opening event of Huawei Smart Living Pavilion, in order to allow consumers to experience Huawei’s best and latest smart products in the most technological and convenient way, a real-life living room smart home experience area was built in the venue to show the wisdom Screen-centric home smart interactive experience.

Since its launch, the smart screen is regarded as a new species of smart homes in the future, and it is the focus of Huawei’s all-scenario smart strategy. Compared with mobile phones, Pads and smart speakers, Huawei Smart Screen has the inherent advantages of far-field sound pickup and larger screens. It is the best HiLink ecological housekeeper, which can bring a more convenient control experience, more intuitive information presentation and more More interaction is possible.

The newly unveiled Huawei Smart Screen X65 perfectly inherits the cross-screen experience and IoT control capabilities of the previous generation products, and brings consumers a fully upgraded smart interactive function. For example, in the AI fitness function, the 24 million super wide-angle AI goggles with super computing power can accurately identify and track the bone joints of the human body. The face locking algorithm will be executed synchronously to ensure that the user’s actions are recognized in real time without losing focus , To prevent exercise from being interrupted by family members who suddenly enter the mirror, and fitness is more focused. In the process of watching movies, Huawei Smart Screen X65 also supports the air gesture operation, even if the remote control is not around or the environment is noisy, it can easily complete the control operation. Pinch the thumb and index finger up and down to adjust the volume.

In addition, in terms of picture quality and sound quality, the Huawei Smart Screen X65 is equipped with a new generation of 65-inch 4K OLED screens, with 82.9 million pixels self-illuminating, building pixel-level light control capabilities, and perfectly restoring the true colors of the picture. Equipped with a 14-speaker full-screen sound array, the full-screen smart sound field provides the ultimate audio-visual experience, and also makes the Huawei Smart Screen X65 an uncompromising high-end audio-visual entertainment center.

Huawei Smart Screen X65 creates a new smart interactive function while creating a top-notch audio and video experience. As the main entrance in the family scene, Huawei Smart Screen X65 is about to become a super center integrating intelligent interaction, cross-screen experience, IoT control, and audio-visual entertainment functions in the family scene, bringing more expansion of human-machine relationships, thus setting off a Great changes in the field of information consumption. And unlike traditional smart TVs, relying on the powerful driving force of HiAI and the two comprehensive ecological platforms, Huawei Smart Screen X65 will no longer be an information island solely responsible for content playback, but will become an important entrance to smart life. The home equipment constitutes a smart ecosystem for collaborative work. It serves as an indispensable home control hub for Huawei’s multi-screen interaction and full-scenario ecology to provide users with a full-scenario integration experience.

The infinite vision of a smart future is waiting for you to plan

The 5G era has officially arrived. The most exciting changes in the future consumer field are the interconnection of all things and natural interaction, and the full-scenario smart life that Huawei wants to create is an open ecosystem. In the grand vision of the smart life strategy of the whole scene, Huawei Smart Life Pavilion has the responsibility of satisfying the consumer’s “initial heart” in design, service and display. When you are tired of shopping, the staff will immediately offer a cup of warm water, Huawei Smart Life The staff of the museum serve every customer wholeheartedly with first-class service, professional quality and patient attitude.

Today’s smart home is just like our smartphone, it is a natural development in the current technological environment. Being able to control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world is a way for technology to help create convenience. So, what will the future smart family life look like? On June 6th, let the Huawei Smart Living Museum conceive with you.