The imaging system is upgraded to Huawei Mate40 or equipped with octagonal rear 6 cameras

Home of iMobile, October 15 news. Huawei officially released the warm-up posters of Huawei Mate40 series. What is more eye-catching is that the rear camera of the poster model adopts a unique octagonal design, which is different from the previous one. Everyone estimates that the several arrangements are different, which seems to mean that the Mate40 series will have a big change in taking pictures.

The picture released by @Teme today seems to have confirmed this speculation. The exposure map shows that the octagonal arrangement will be a newly upgraded 6-camera (including ToF deep-sensing lens and periscope telephoto lens), etc. The effective focal length may be up to 125mm, and the coverage of the shooting scene should be more comprehensive.

Image source @Teme

Of course, it is generally speculated that this should be at least the specifications of Mate40 Pro or even Pro+, and the standard version should adopt more conventional video specifications.