The industry's first 10-bit phone, OPPO Find X2 color accuracy can be used for professional P-pictures?

This year, many mobile phone manufacturers began to work hard on the screen, and improved the resolution, especially the refresh rate, bringing the feeling that it is not a flagship machine without 90Hz. OPPO’s upcoming Find X2 screen not only supports 3K @ 120Hz, but also provides 10-bit color depth output, leading the way in terms of display effects.

OPPO’s official mall recently released a trailer video to show the outstanding performance of Find X2 in terms of screen color. The same content material is output through 10bit color, OPPO Find X2 can show more colors, making the displayed picture closer to the real environment.

At present, the mainstream configuration of the mobile phone industry can only output 8bit color depth. In the case of one thousand people, manufacturers often do not involve color depth publicity, so I will briefly popularize it below. Color depth refers to the gray value of the color of each channel of the RGB channels, which is represented by a power of two. For example, the power of 10 is 2 ^ 10 = 1024, and then multiply the values of the three channels to get the final result.

As the industry’s first mobile phone that supports 10-bit color depth output, OPPO Find X2 can support output of more than 1 billion colors. Currently, the mainstream 8-bit color depth can only output about 16.77 million colors. In contrast, OPPO Find X2 not only provides the possibility of higher color gamut coverage, but also can display more color details, helping applications such as HDR video and games to achieve better display results.

Richer colors can help reduce screen cuts, especially when displaying gradient colors and when there is little difference between adjacent colors. This kind of picture often appears in movies with more outdoor scenes and in photos taken when traveling, so OPPO Find X2 can better restore videos and photos.

But unfortunately, since most of us monitors and mobile products can only output 8bit color depth at most, I can’t bring you real feeling here. As the part where the mobile phone interacts with users the most, the quality of the screen can greatly affect product evaluation. If you want to experience a 10-bit screen, it is best to go to the experience store to try out the real machine after the release of OPPO Find X2, or simply buy one to go home.

At the same time, because it supports 10-bit color depth output, this screen equipped with OPPO Find X2 can even match the XDR display launched by Apple. In other words, OPPO Find X2 is not only the first echelon of this year’s flagship mobile phone screen, it can even be comparable to professional equipment. Maybe in the future, after taking photos, users can directly use this screen for color correction.

At present, the only 10bit color depth in the mobile phone field, with 3K resolution and 120Hz screen, OPPO Find X2 can simultaneously meet users’ requirements for delicate, smooth and colorful screens. OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren also said that the specifications of this screen should be at the top level throughout the year, and it is worth talking about.

In order to provide a smoother experience, OPPO Find X2 not only has this year’s top configuration, in addition to supporting 5G networks and 65W SuperVOOC flash charge, the latest ColorOS 7 has made significant improvements in system fluency, image and UI design.

OPPO Find X2 will officially meet you on March 6th, it is worth looking forward to.