The iPhone 12 has exploded, the 5G band has the most comprehensive coverage

Apple’s iPhone 12 series was finally officially released a month after the ticket skipped. As Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, although it was much late, the coverage on the 5G frequency band was the best. As can be seen from the official parameter list released by Apple, iPhone 12 supports almost all current 5G frequency bands. In addition to supporting the three traditional operators of China Mobile, Telecom, and China Unicom, the domestic version also supports the newly released 5G network of radio and television. .

In terms of user experience, under normal circumstances, there is not much difference, but in general, the iPhone 12 series will be the best choice for users who need a 5G network, because the iPhone 12 series can be operated by any operator Get the best experience in all 5G networks.

It’s worth mentioning that the US version of the iPhone 12 series supports 5G millimeter waves, while the Chinese Mainland License version does not. At least not at present, but there is news that it will gradually increase its efforts after 2021. Whether it will have an impact in the future is still a question.

However, in general, the iPhone 12 series is indeed the 5G mobile phone with the most complete frequency band coverage at present, and the number of frequency bands supported is twice that of the general 5G mobile phone. Of course, considering the price of the iPhone 12 series and the fact that most frequency bands are not supported in China, it is more convenient for users who often need to go abroad.