The iPhone 12 series is finally going to have a high screen swipe: I’m afraid it’s going to take two years for 120Hz

According to previously disclosed information, Apple will continue to launch its new annual flagship of iPhone 12 Series in September this year, including four versions of iPhone 12, iPhone 12max and iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. As the release time is approaching, the information about the machine has penetrated into every detail. Now there is the latest news, recently foreign media brought more details on the screen refresh rate of the machine.

Since last year, high refresh rate screen has increasingly become the goal pursued by major mobile phone manufacturers. Now, this selling point has been widely applied to many midrange models. According to the latest news released by foreign media, this year’s iPhone 12 & nbsp; pro and 12 & nbsp; Pro Max will finally be equipped with an OLED screen with adaptive refresh rate, which will also have higher brightness and purer black performance. However, the highest refresh rate of this screen is only 90hz, which is conservative compared with the refresh rate of 120Hz frequently used in domestic mobile phones. At the same time, the media also said it might take another two years to see a high-speed 120 Hz screen swipe on an iPhone.

In other aspects, according to the information previously exposed, the brand-new iPhone 12 series will continue to have the full screen design of bangs, and the standard OLED screen will be equipped with a flat middle frame similar to the iPhone 4. The two Pro versions will have a color depth of 10 bits and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. All series are equipped with A14 processor based on 5 nm process, supporting 5g network. In addition, the new series will continue the previous square camera module, including two iPhone 12 series equipped with rear dual camera, and two iPhone 12 Pro Series will be equipped with rear three camera, and the top version will also be equipped with lidar sensor.

It is reported that the new iPhone 12 series is expected to remain in September, and large-scale mass production has been started. However, according to various sources, this year’s iPhone 12 series will be launched in batches. We’ll see more details.