The iPhone 12 series sold more than 100 million in 7 months after its launch. 12 Pro Max is the most popular

Home of iMobile mobile phones, July 1 news. A few days ago, the research organization Counterpoint released data. Seven months after the release, the cumulative sales of the entire iPhone 12 series have exceeded the 100 million mark, which is two earlier than the iPhone 11. Months, it is almost the same as the iPhone 6 series in the last super cycle, and the two are at the transitional threshold of 4G and 5G respectively. It seems that the big changes are indeed conducive to promoting consumer replacement.

Data source Counterpoint Research

According to data, the most popular among the iPhone 12 series is its highest version, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which accounts for 29% of the series’ sales, which is higher than the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 25%, which also helps the iPhone 12. The revenue of the series in the first seven months of its launch exceeded that of the iPhone 11 series by 22% in the same period.