The iPhone 12 update is finally here: the SIM card is not lost, the green screen is not resolved

Apple recently pushed the iOS 14.2.1 system update. I thought it was a special cure for green screen. A closer look did not fix the green screen. Instead, it fixed several other bugs on the iPhone 12. It's not wrong to update it.

The latest system fixes the following iPhone issues:

1. Some MMS may not be received

2. The Made for iPhone hearing aid may have sound quality issues when listening to iPhone audio

3. The lock screen on iPhone 12 mini may become unresponsive

4. Some dual-SIM devices may lose cellular network connection

This update involves iPhone 12’s dual-SIM network issues, lock screen issues, MMS and audio issues. Compared with the previous cumbersome update instructions, the update instructions for iOS 14.2.1 are very concise and clear. It seems that the problem is very big. 12 users should update to this version as soon as possible. In addition, iPhone 11 did not receive iOS 14.2.1 push, this update is only for iPhone 12. Although it did not solve the green screen problem, it is strongly recommended that you update, especially for dual card users.

The signal problem that many users have responded to has been solved by this system update, indicating that Apple still listens to users. I wonder if the green screen problem can be solved in the next update? Green screen users: Urgent! Online etc.