The iPhone12 design brings Ruili back, and the Nut phone finally gets its name

Question: How to evaluate the iPhone 12 series new product launch conference in one sentence?

Answer: The sharp and heterogeneous of the era of smoothness.

This slogan, which was once proposed by Hammer Technology and passed down on the Nut mobile phone, is now ushering in its bright moment. Choose to bid farewell to the arc and return to the right-angle middle frame iPhone 12 is officially released. The only difference from the previous release of Nut Pro is that no one discussed the non-existent issue of "cutting hands" this time, and no one would use "apples" to peel apples.

How to explain this phenomenon? Luo Yonghao, the craftsman who used to build nut mobile phones, now carries a debt of 600 million yuan and works hard to live broadcast the goods, said calmly: "Most people are in essence blindly advocating the strong."

From hammer technology to nut mobile phones, this genetically distinctive manufacturer has always adhered to the aesthetic direction they identified. Finally, in the autumn of 2020, the design of industry giants will return. This time, rational users will affirm the persistence of domestic manufacturers.

A week later, the "parent company" will launch a new nut machine. What is very suspenseful is that as of the time of the author's press, there is still no accurate real machine exposure on the Internet, which also makes the industrial design of the new JMGO machine the focus of attention at the press conference on the evening of October 20. There is no doubt that the Nut mobile phone, which has persisted until dawn, will not deviate from the main line of aesthetics, and will still be "not as beautiful as the powerful." At the same time, it is certain that the new nut machine will retain the white middle frame version, and the pure white version is also the belief of many consumers.

JMGO's new camera sensor exposure

Unofficial Samples of Nuts New Machine

A brief review of the information that the JMGO’s new phone has been exposed. The phone will use a 108-megapixel super-outsole sensor. From the first version of the informal sample, you can see that the resolution and blurring capabilities of the JMGO are very good, which complements the image of the JMGO phone. Shortcomings.

In addition to the camera, judging from the preheating poster of the JMGO mobile phone, the configuration of the new phone is also given to the current top standards. For example, the chip is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, supports SA+NSA dual-mode 5G, and even runs memory up to 16GB. The screen shape has not been announced, but the high probability is a small hole digging screen. However, it is clear that the user's demand for the new JMGO is far more than the top-level hardware, and more importantly, the Smartisan OS system-level innovation.

For example, what new upgrades will be ushered in humanized designs such as big bang, one-step, real-time translation, and smart split screen that make mobile phones better? Will there be more innovative features introduced? For example, on the big screen

The latest developments of Smartisan TNT "Efficiency Three-piece". TNT met the public for the first time at the 2018 Bird's Nest conference. After more than two years, can Xinshi Lab bring surprises to the industry this time? New features such as big bang, one-step, real-time translation, and smart split screen will also be the focus of discussion at the press conference.

The JMGO’s new machine launch conference will be held at 7:30 pm on October 20, and wait for the answer to the answer.