The king of cost-effective Xiaodu true wireless smart headphones shockingly releases portable AI smart assistant for only 199 yuan (USD $28)

On September 15th, at the Baidu World 2020 conference co-hosted by Baidu and CCTV News, Jing Kun, Vice President of Baidu Group and General Manager of Baidu Smart Life Business Group (SLG), announced the first half of the “Break the Circle” strategy in the second half of the year. A new product-Xiaoduzhen wireless smart headset , which combines AI voice assistant, smart translation, 28 hours of super battery life, and touching sound quality. The official subsidy price is only 199 yuan (USD $28) . Xiaodu, which has entered thousands of households, is expanding the boundaries of application scenarios with a new portable form, making artificial intelligence voice assistants ubiquitous.

性价比之王小度真无线智能耳机震撼发布 随身 AI 智能助手仅需 199 元

As a leading brand of artificial intelligence in China, Xiaodu Assistant has now achieved the first place in the country in four scenarios: home scenes, hotel real estate scenes, car scenes and portable scenes. Its star product Xiaodu smart screen has achieved the dazzling achievement of the world’s largest shipment. The newly released Xiaodu true wireless smart headset is another breakthrough in the boundaries of Xiaodu’s product category and form. It also marks Xiaodu’s first-party hardware officially entering the user’s portable scene, becoming the user’s all-weather personal voice assistant . In this regard, Jing Kun expressed at the Baidu World 2020 Conference that he hopes Xiaodu can serve more users, penetrate more into their lives and serve them.

Portable AI assistant smart voice comes right away

The single earphone of Xiaodu True Wireless Smart Earphone weighs only 4.1g, is compact and portable, and adopts a semi-in-ear design, which perfectly fits the contour of the ear and is more comfortable and firm to wear.

性价比之王小度真无线智能耳机震撼发布 随身 AI 智能助手仅需 199 元

Xiaodu true wireless smart headset has a powerful AI voice assistant function, with Xiaodu APP, whether it is to check the route, ask the weather, listen to the news, check encyclopedia information, etc., users only need to double-click the headset or call “Xiaodu Xiaodu”. You can wake up your personal dedicated AI voice assistant, and powerful and professional voice search tools are in your ears. In addition, Xiaodu True Wireless Smart Headphones have a built-in platform for massive music and audio resources. Users no longer need to download multiple music and audio applications. You can use Xiaodu headphones with Xiaodu APP to enjoy multi-platform resources. Listen to music, make a phone call, and come right away.

“Translator” in the ear of intelligent simultaneous interpretation black technology

Nowadays, with the increasing acceleration of internationalization and globalization, there are more and more cross-language communication scenes in daily life. Whether it is traveling abroad, listening to open English classes, participating in international conferences or business negotiations, proficient oral English is required. In response to the needs of English usage in these scenarios, Xiaodu True Wireless Smart Headphones have built-in Baidu artificial intelligence translation simultaneous interpretation technology to achieve real-time translation in conversations, break language barriers, and make Chinese and English conversations without obstacles, and easily narrow the conversation distance.

Xiaoduzhen wireless smart headset has three intelligent translation modes: Wandering Earth mode, AI translator mode, simultaneous interpretation mode, multiple modes to solve the translation needs of different scenarios, create a personal ear “translator” for you Traveling around the world and daily office work provide language convenience.

In the movie “Wandering Earth”, Chinese and Russian astronauts can use a communicator to convert the languages of different countries into the native language of the communicator wearer. The Xiaodu true wireless smart headset turns this scene in the science fiction movie into reality. In the wandering earth mode, two people each wear a headset, one speaks Chinese and the other speaks English. The headset will automatically translate the conversation into the wearer’s native language, and there is no burden for Chinese-English dialogue. At the Baidu World Conference, even Liang Zhiwei, the AI experience officer of CCTV News who has experienced this feature with Jing Kun, even praised: “Wow, what a fairy operation is this!”.

性价比之王小度真无线智能耳机震撼发布 随身 AI 智能助手仅需 199 元

Not only that, the simultaneous interpretation mode of the Xiaodu smart headset can display the content heard on the mobile phone in real time, and directly translate it into text, and the user can see the translation result immediately; while the AI translator mode is suitable for simple and fast communication. Scenes, such as ordering food, asking for directions, staying in a hotel and other scenes often encountered in life, realize the rapid translation of Chinese-English dialogue.

Fine polishing 28 hours lasting company

Xiaodu headset has a 28-hour super battery life, comes with a type-c fast charging connector, it can work for 7 hours on a single charge, and it can be used to recharge the headset at least 3 times with a charging compartment, which is a long battery life for a whole day; The dual-mic noise reduction program, dual-mic design + artificial intelligence algorithm, effectively reduces noise and makes calls clearer. In addition, Xiaodu smart earphones also have an automatic wearing sensor, take off the earphones to automatically pause, and automatically resume playing after re-entering the ears, without the need for manipulation and peace of mind.

In terms of sound effects, the Xiaodu headset has a built-in dual-core chip and 5.0 Bluetooth true wireless transmission, breaking through a longer distance and faster transmission speed to transmit sound signals to two headsets at the same time, so that each headset is the main theme, and it can be used in one ear. Powerful solo; equipped with binaural synchronization transmission technology, listening to the left and right ears simultaneously, bringing users a music world with surging sound effects.

It is reported that the Xiaodu true wireless smart headset released this time has gone through nearly a year of fine polishing. From the difficulty of Bluetooth, voice assistant and translation technology to achieve compatibility, to deal with the almost imperceptible noise in the early stage of the market, the time to market was postponed. It is only today that this portable AI product with the technology and experience upgraded to the extreme is available. As a “translator” and AI voice assistant in the era of artificial intelligence, Xiaodu True Wireless Smart Headphones may become another smart life product after Xiaodu Smart Screen.

As the first new product released by Xiaodu in the second half of the year under the strategic idea of “breaking the circle”, Xiaodu smart headphones take the user’s use needs in mobile scenarios as a breakthrough point and become an all-weather personal AI intelligent assistant in the user’s portable scene. In the future, Xiaodu will continue to improve product categories, enrich product forms, penetrate more scenes and people, and create ubiquitous intelligent assistants.

At present, Xiaodu True Wireless Smart Headphones have been sold simultaneously on platforms such as Dudu Mall,, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc. Consumers can log in and buy first, and they can get this smart life explosion product for only 199 yuan (USD $28) . Come snap it up.