The latest news of Xiaomi's folding screen mobile phone: three types of external fold, internal fold, and flip cover, to be released next year

Earlier news broke that Xiaomi is working hard to develop a folding screen mobile phone, but now overseas news expert @Ross Young directly revealed that Xiaomi plans to release three folding screen mobile phones in 2021. And the shapes of the three folding screens are different, they are inward-folded, outward-folded, and flip-shaped.

With reference to Samsung’s folding screen mobile phones, these three forms are also the current mainstream three design solutions. And @Ross Young also revealed that Xiaomi’s external folding folding screen mobile phone is similar in design to Huawei Mate X, and the size is much larger than that of the internal folding and clamshell.

After @Ross Young released this revelation, another netizen also uploaded several patented appearance drawings of the Xiaomi folding screen phone. On the other hand, the well-known domestic blogger @数码闲聊站 also posted on Weibo that the Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone will be unveiled next year, and it has excellent performance and a larger screen (supporting high refresh rate).

Summarizing the existing breaking news, Xiaomi’s folding screen mobile phone will adopt a design scheme of internal folding main screen + external secondary screen, and will also be equipped with a 100 million pixel camera, and the operating system will be based on Android 11 MIUI12.