The latest rendering of the iPhone 12 is exposed, and the frame is comparable to a curved screen

Regarding the shape of the iPhone 12 series, many media and digital bloggers have exposed it before. Although there are some differences, they are basically aligned with smaller bangs and narrower borders. Recently, foreign media 9TechEleven announced the latest rendering of iPhone 12 Pro.

From the picture point of view, the rendering of the iPhone 12 Pro still continues the design concept of narrow bezels, and even the front visual effect is no less than that of a curved screen phone. However, the bangs are larger than the previously announced renderings, which may be due to the need to carry 3D structured light or TOF lenses. The back of the fuselage still has a matrix design in the upper left corner, which has not changed much compared with the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 is even more angular as a whole, so I am afraid that it will be awkward when held in the hand.

This shape is quite satisfactory to iPhone users, but in terms of configuration. Previous news revealed that the performance of the A14 chip has increased by about 40% compared to the A13, once again leaving Android phones behind. The A14 chip will be externally connected to Qualcomm’s 5G chip to support dual-mode 5G.

The configuration and shape of the iPhone 12 series are undoubtedly flagship benchmarks. The only regret is that it may still not be equipped with a high refresh rate screen. Fortunately, the price of the iPhone 12 series is relatively low. It is estimated that the minimum price of the iPhone 12 will be around 4,700 yuan (USD $671) . With the popularization of 5G communication technology, the iPhone 12 may once again trigger an upsurge of replacement among Apple users.