The leader of high refresh screen, the new OnePlus 8T releases suits and thugs are still starting at 3399 yuan (USD $486)

On the afternoon of October 15th, OnePlus released a new OnePlus 8T in Beijing: 120Hz refresh rate + 65W fast charge, four rear cameras, and the price starts at 3399 yuan (USD $486) . OnePlus 8T 8+128 version is priced at 3399 yuan (USD $486) , and 12+256 version is priced at 3699 yuan (USD $528) . Pre-orders will be opened today and will go on sale on the 19th.

At the beginning of the press conference, OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu introduced the past achievements of OnePlus mobile phones. OnePlus 8 series sold more than 100 million yuan in 1 minute. OnePlus 8 Pro is the No. 1 high-end 5G Android phone sales volume at 5000-5999 yuan (USD $714) . On the way to sea, OnePlus ranks No. 1 in the Indian high-end market, becoming the only domestic manufacturer that "wrestles" with Samsung and Apple, and ranks third in the Western European high-end market.

Liu Zuohu said frankly that 2020 will be a "black swan" year for the smartphone industry. It will have a particularly serious impact on mobile phone manufacturers that focus on the global market like OnePlus, but OnePlus still believes that good products will still have a market. At the same time, in the Q2 quarter of 2020, OnePlus is still ranked first in India's high-end market share, ahead of Samsung and Apple, and ranked eighth in the BrandZ Top 50 Chinese Brands.

Compared to OnePlus 8, the most obvious upgrade of OnePlus 8T this time is the screen: 8T's screen refresh rate has changed to the same 120Hz as 8 Pro, and the screen material is Samsung's 6.55-inch flexible screen.

In response to fans' love of straight-screen flagship phones, the OnePlus 8T still uses a straight-screen design. The other screen specifications are basically the same as the 8 Pro: peak brightness can reach 1100nit, 8192-level automatic brightness adjustment is supported, and the resolution is 1080P.

Another hardware upgrade point is the increase in charging power: the power of the 8T Warp Charge 65 has been increased from the previous 30W to 65W. OnePlus officially claims that it can be fully charged in 39 minutes and can charge 70% of the power in 20 minutes, but it does not support wireless Recharge. It is worth mentioning that the cable included with 8T has finally become a CtoC cable this time, and the battery capacity has increased to 4500 mAh.

OnePlus 8T is equipped with a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8-megapixel macro lens, as well as a night scene video shooting mode and real-time video tracking function. However, in terms of the appearance of the camera module, OnePlus 8T abandoned the traditional center lens arrangement design, and instead adopted this year's popular "Mahjong card" side module arrangement.

Finally, Liu Zuohu also announced an egg: OnePlus 8T and the game "Cyberpunk 2077" co-branded customized version will be pre-sale on November 4th, but did not give more specific information about this model.

In addition, OnePlus also released the OnePlus Buds Z wireless headset, which supports IP55 dustproof and waterproof rating, supports call noise reduction, and can be used with a charging storage box for up to 20 hours of battery life; it is available in gray and white colors, and is also launched by co-branded artist Steven Harrington A customized version. The standard edition is priced at 299 yuan (USD $43) and will go on sale on November 1st; the special edition is priced at 359 yuan (USD $51) .