The light and thin book with strong performance! Review of Honor magicbook Pro

Honor has recently launched three lightweight books carrying a new generation of 7Nm sharp dragon 4000 series processor. While continuing the simple and exquisite appearance design, it also gives full play to the cost performance ratio. In addition to the 4000U series processor installed in the Honor magicbook 14 / 15, there is also a product with full blood and high performance, which is equipped with a sharp dragon 4000H standard pressure processor. The performance of the game level can not only meet the requirements of multi task and heavy load applications, but also be a good player in graphics rendering and processing. In addition, the new Honor Magic Book Pro is equipped with a more ideal 16.1 inch full screen, which gives the notebook a more extreme user experience. Moreover, the leap in performance once again brings further a + productivity.

I. appearance design: more ideal 16.1 inch full screen

Today’s young people pay more attention to the appearance and appearance of products. They use them everyday or take them out to make them shine in front of their eyes. The new Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong version takes the shape of the future ship body, streamline lines and sharp wedge-shaped sides as the shape design concept, which makes the overall design visual sense more simple and fashionable. The fuselage is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, showing fine metal texture and higher strength. The anodizing process is adopted to improve the wear resistance level of the fuselage, and at the same time, it can also play a good heat dissipation effect. The fuselage is as thin as 16.9mm and as light as 1.7kg. In terms of color matching, it has classic ice silver and star grey, which is both commercial and a little fresh.

In terms of the screen of the lightweight version, it can be said that the Ruilong version of the Honor magicbook Pro has achieved a breakthrough once again. It is the first time to carry a 16.1-inch large screen, and the design of ultra narrow frame accounts for 90% of the screen. Compared with the 14 / 15 inch portability, the 16.1-inch screen has a larger visual area, which is about 6.6% higher than that of the 15.6-inch model. For users of relatively fixed office, whether it is browsing the web or document processing, or creative design, the visual effect is incomparable in small screen. The key is that the fuselage is smaller and more compact.

The screen resolution is 1920 Γ— 1080300nit (typical value) brightness, accurate color adjustment, 100% sRGB gamut coverage, anti glare screen, national ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment engineering technology research center certification, German Rhein non stroboscopic certification and other indicators, can meet the application of various environmental light, at the same time, it can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and protect eye health, It’s very sweet.

The C-side is also made of metal, and the integrated design is very simple and exquisite. The middle key spacing is reasonable, the key range is moderate, the feedback is neat, and typing is easy and comfortable. With the LED backlight, can adapt to the dark environment, leisurely operation without accidental touch.

The black strips on the left and right sides of the keyboard area with many small holes are the location of the loudspeaker. The design of the small holes can not only play a decorative role, but also bring excellent stereo effect. In addition, the engineers’ fine distortion calibration can restore the sound to the real world, which makes it feel like you are in the presence of sound when you watch a large movie.

The fingerprint / power switch button is located on the top of the right small hole area. When you press the power button, you can quickly log in. You don’t need to wait for the login interface to enter the password or scan the fingerprint. It’s easy and faster to start the machine.

The super large smart touch panel is smooth and accurate. It can easily complete simple tasks such as browsing web pages or editing documents without mouse. You can’t put it down after using it several times.

Under the light and thin fuselage, the Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong version also provides rich interfaces. A full-featured type-C interface on the left side of the fuselage, combined with 65W multi-functional travel fast charging, can charge about 50% of the notebook in 30 minutes, and can also super fast charge some Honor / Huawei mobile phones. In addition, there is one HDMI 2.0, three USB 3.2 Gen 1 interfaces, and one 3.5mm two in one audio interface, which is very convenient for daily connection of USB flash disk, external mobile hard disk, display and other devices.

The 14 inch version of the magic Pro is more user-friendly than the original 16 inch screen. Daily office, whether it is display content or user vision, is small size incomparable. We can see that the product is not only light, but also innovative and innovative.

2. Performance test: game level Ruilong 4000 series standard pressure processor

The Honor magicbook Pro has two configurations, which are equipped with 5 4600h (6 cores and 12 threads) and AMD 7 4800h (8 cores and 16 threads), These are two standard pressure processors used by AMD for mobile devices. At present, some medium and high-end game books also carry these two processors. However, in the light and thin books, it can be said that the Honor is also bold to use such high-performance processors. It can be seen that it still has enough confidence in product design.


Our version of this evaluation is equipped with sharp dragon 7 4800h, 7Nm technology, 8 cores and 16 threads, basic frequency of 2.90ghz, maximum clock frequency of 4.20ghz, amd radon 7 graphics (Renoir), tdp45w, 8MB three-level cache. The larger number of threads makes the performance greatly improved. Let’s focus on specific theoretical tests.


First of all, we use CPU-Z to benchmark the processor. We can see that the final result is 516.7 for single core task processing and 5062.7 for multi-core task processing. The advantage of multi-core is obvious.

γ€€γ€€2.Cinebench R15/R20

Cinebench R15 is a processor test software based on cinem4d engine. It can test processor subsystem, memory subsystem and display subsystem at the same time. Like most industrial design software, cinebench supports multi-core / multiprocessor perfectly. Through the inspection, we can see that the single core score of the Ruilong version of the Honor magicbook pro on R15 is 187cb, and the score of multi-core is 1669cb. This performance is inseparable from the strong performance of the sharp dragon standard pressure processor.

Cinebench R20 has more complex test scenarios, mainly to detect the rendering computing power of CPU. The final score was 3756 PTS for multiple nuclei and 485 PTS for mononuclear cells. Generally speaking, the sharp dragon 7 4800h processor can be competent for your work in office, design, video editing, and even games.

γ€€γ€€3.Geekbench 5.2.2

Geekbench is a multi platform compatible comprehensive testing tool, which mainly investigates the computing power of CPU and memory system. The final score is 1171 for single core and 7008 for multi core.

4. X264 codec test

Compared with Intel Core display or NVIDIA entry-level display, AMD processor core display has a more unique feature, that is, it has great advantages in high-definition video coding, decoding, rendering and other aspects. X264 FHD benchmark is to detect its hard codec and rendering capabilities, and the final score is 48.49fps, which can run smoothly.

Video card

The AMD sharp dragon 7 4800h integrated with a video card, 448 stream processors, and a frequency of 1600MHZ. In addition to the performance advantages, this video card also supports hardware decoding in function. Through hardware acceleration, it can play HD H.264 video smoothly.

γ€€γ€€3DMark 11 P

3dmark 11 professional mode, mainly according to the application scenario simulation test, the comprehensive score is p5520, graphics score 5226, physics score 12779.

γ€€γ€€3DMark Sky Diver

Sky diver is mainly used to evaluate the performance of PC or game notebook configured in the middle end. The final score is 11745, and the video card score is 11227. It can be seen that the sharp dragon 7 4800h has strong performance, so even if it is applied to the game book, it is not under pressure.

Memory and hard disk

The laptop is also equipped with dual channel 16GB DDR4 memory, which is already a flagship configuration in the lightweight book. We used aida64 software to test the memory. The memory read speed reached 38825mb / s, and the write speed reached 38525mb / s, which has reached the high-end level. For example, when running large-scale programs or multitasking processing, larger capacity and faster memory will provide assistance.

In terms of hard disk storage, at present, the SSD has been equipped as standard, but this Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong notebook is equipped with a 512gb SSD with Samsung’s PCI 3.0 interface, which guarantees both speed and quality.

The results of crystal disk mark test also show that the sequential read speed of this SSD is 3568.48mb/s and the write speed is 2990.21mb/s. The random read speed is 278791iops, and the write speed is 526071iops. There is no need to worry about the speed and service life.

Heat dissipation

New Honor Magic Book In terms of heat dissipation, the pro Ruilong version adopts the left and right layout of double heat pipes and dual fans, and adopts the shark fin 2.0 bionic design of the cooling fan. The air volume is increased by 20% compared with the ordinary fan. At the same time, six temperature sensors are built in the fuselage, which can effectively reduce the fan noise while playing the performance.

Using aida64 pressure test, the room temperature is 28 Β° C, running for about 15 minutes, we can see that when the temperature is slightly increased, the intelligent cooling technology intervenes, and then it is stabilized at 86 Β° C, which is much worse than the 105 Β° C designed by the CPU. Therefore, in this state, the notebook can run more stably and ensure the maximum performance.

Integrated scenario test: pcmark 10

The new Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong version has more powerful performance, but also focuses on a + productivity. Through the comprehensive test of pcmark 10, we can see that its performance in common basic functions, productivity, digital content creation is quite excellent, and the final comprehensive score is 5143.

3. Multi screen collaboration

Honor magic book has made excellent achievements in intelligent interaction such as magic link touch and transfer connection and multi screen collaboration, which not only breaks the traditional file transmission mode, but also greatly improves the productivity and efficiency of PC. Users can transfer pictures, videos, Microsoft office documents and so on through multi screen collaboration, and can record screen of PC back to mobile phone. It also supports the function of sharing the clipboard and receiving and calling mobile phone calls from PC.

Tiktok Kwai mobile phone has the function of multi screen cooperative interaction. We do not need to operate PC, but also distract ourselves from the mobile phone. The functions that can be realized on the phone can be viewed and operated in PC, such as brush the circle of friends, pass documents to friends, even brush and shake hands. If PC can have a touch screen, it will be easier to operate on PC.

When it comes to efficient office, many people are used to operating on mobile phones and are more free. Ruilong version of Honor magicbook Pro realizes the file transfer between PC and mobile phone, as well as the function of sharing shear board, which makes the writing and modification of documents easier and faster, and can’t stop using.

IV. evaluation summary

In the current lightweight books, people basically use low-voltage processors conservatively. They can directly access the standard pressure processor, which tests the heat dissipation design and conscience materials of a product. However, the Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong version has achieved this, which gives the lightweight books a game book level performance experience. From then on, the performance of the lightweight books is no longer a bottleneck. In addition, the excellences of the sharp dragon 4000H standard pressure processor are obvious to all, so there is no reason to start with such a product.

In addition, the application of the 16.1-inch screen on the Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong will also lead to rethinking in the field of business office. Will people pursue the ultimate lightness or pay attention to the comprehensive experience? If you have really experienced the 16.1 inch Honor Magic Book Pro, I believe you have the answer. At least at present, in the field of office notebook, Honor magicbook Pro has been in the forefront.

In addition, in terms of AI intelligence, in fact, PC, which works as a productivity, is still a little far away from the real intelligence, Internet of things and other new concepts. However, we have also seen the exploration of Honor magicbook, the combination of fingerprint and power supply, one touch transmission, multi screen collaboration, etc. the emergence of these new technologies is helpful at least in improving productivity. Therefore, in a comprehensive view, compared with homogeneous notebook products, Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong version has strong competitiveness in the same gear. But we want to see more of them.

V. version price and purchase suggestions

In terms of processor configuration, the Ruilong version of Honor magicbook Pro includes the Ruilong 5 4600h version and the Ruilong 7 4800h version. Both of them are equipped with 16GB memory and 512gb SSD. Among them, the price of the Ruilong 5 standard voltage 4600h version is 4699 yuan (USD $671) , the price of the Ruilong 7 4800h version is 5199 yuan (USD $743) , and the first sale discount is 200 yuan (USD $29) , which is limited to July 30, 2020. Therefore, for the users who pursue the ultimate performance experience, as well as the designers who pay more attention to the lightweight Book + professional large screen, we might as well consider this more innovative and Honor magicbook Pro Ruilong version.