The meteor shower in Perseus: an unforgettable moment recorded by oppo find x2 Pro

自古人们就有仰望星空的习惯,夜晚的星空总是蕴藏无限的奥秘,令人无限神往。不仅对星空神往,人们也渴望把这神秘而又壮观的景象记录下来。以往,拍摄星空只能借助于专业的设备,前期还有进行繁琐的准备,而现在你借助一款OPPO Find X2 Pro可以完成了。

On August 13, oppo invited a photographer to shoot the Perseid meteor shower all night in the Tengger Desert of Alashan. The equipment used to record this rare astronomical scene is oppo find x2 pro.

Oppo find x2 Pro adopts a post super triple camera design. The combination of super large bottom 48 million pixel main camera + 48 million pixel ultra wide angle camera + 13 million pixel periscope long focus camera is customized to achieve higher image quality, wider field of view and more multiple zoom, which meets the requirements of clear and harmonious shooting. Oppo find x2 Pro supports 10x mixed light and up to 60x digital zoom, which makes it easy to take pictures of distant scenery. With the cooperation of each excellent lens, they can perform well in the night scene, distant view and large scene, so they can record the rare astronomical landscape of Perseid meteor shower.

In addition to the good paper parameters of the camera, it also has a lot of black technology hidden in it. Oppo revolutionized to make a perfect balance of the three shots of the mobile phone. First, from the wide-angle end to the long focus end, it covers the equivalent focal length of 16mm-160mm. In the process of zoom switching, there is almost no jamming, and the zoom experience is as smooth and smooth as that of a SLR Lens.

At the same time, oppo find x2 Pro adds a six channel dual color temperature sensor, which can control the white balance more accurately. In the process of three cameras switching, it can also maintain the accuracy of white balance, and achieve the “what you see is what you get” photographing effect. You don’t need to learn how to adjust the camera. The phone automatically adjusts you to the best effect. All you need to do is press the shutter.

Beautiful scenes are fascinating and unforgettable. With oppo find x2 pro, you won’t miss the magnificent scenery any more. No matter how far and how long you travel, oppo find x2 Pro will record your colorful and adventurous life together with you. Every experience is the most precious memory in your life.