The Ministry of Finance issued the first batch of subsidies for energy-saving and new energy vehicles in 2021: a total of nearly 37.6 billion yuan

After more than ten years of policy support and the continuous development of auto companies and industry chain companies, my country’s new energy vehicle industry is now at the forefront of the world, and my country has the world’s largest new energy vehicle market.

Prior to this, my country has also implemented the current new energy vehicle subsidies and tax-free preferential support policies commonly implemented in other countries in the world. For those new energy vehicles that run mileage and monitor new energy vehicles that meet the subsidy standards, it provides relevant financial subsidies to car companies to support car companies and The development of the industrial chain.

On November 20, the Ministry of Finance issued the “Notice on Early Release of 2021 Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Subsidy Fund Budget (First Batch)” stated.

The Ministry of Finance issued the provincial (regional, municipal) energy conservation and emission reduction subsidy funds in advance for 2021, which will be used for the 2019 energy conservation and new energy bus operation subsidy funds and the 2016-2018 new energy vehicle promotion and application subsidy funds. A total of 37.58529 billion yuan of new energy vehicle subsidies will be arranged in 2021. The details are as follows:

It can be seen that the province that received the most subsidies was Henan Province. In 2016-2018, it received a total of 4,154.83 million yuan in subsidies, while the energy-saving and new energy bus operation subsidies were as high as 1.527.85 million yuan. This is mainly related to Yutong buses and new energy vehicles. The field has made a relatively large investment.

Shandong Province is closely followed, with a total subsidy of RMB 3,730.72 million; while Guangdong Province ranks third with a cumulative subsidy amount of RMB 3.7306 million. The well-developed local new energy automobile industry and the vigorous promotion of energy saving and new energy bus operation are the main reasons.