The new 5G selfie phone vivo S6 series is officially released

On March 31, 2020, the vivo S series new product launch conference with the theme of "light up the night, light you" was held online. The 5G version of the vivo S6 series was officially released, starting at 2698 yuan (USD $385) . The vivo S6 series has made another breakthrough on the basis of the previous generation of "32 million texture selfies", strengthened the ability to take low-light selfies, and introduced the soft light ring screen light supplement technology to provide younger groups with a better nighttime selfie experience. As the first 5G product of the vivo S series, the vivo S6 series has been given a lot of expectations. It is a sincere work for young people, and it is also a key step for vivo to achieve 5G in the entire product layout.

Design inspiration draws from vocal melody, romantic color matching re-introduces new trends in technology and aesthetics

From the full-scale zero-screen of the vivo S1 series to the geometric diamond ID of the vivo S5, constantly exploring new aesthetic directions is a unique feature of the vivo S series. This time, the designers of the vivo S6 series took inspiration from classic music melody, refined the wonderful musical charm into dynamic and emotional colors, and created three new romantic colors for Swan Lake, Danube River, and Jazz Black. Enjoy with new visual feelings and soul. With a round retro record camera design with a special light and shadow pattern and an approximately 181 grams, 8.6 mm body, the vivo S6 series of mobile phones seems to dance lightly in bright sunlight.

The three new color schemes of the vivo S6 series use complex manufacturing processes. The Danube and Jazz Black both use high-molecular material manufacturing technology to maintain a glass-like transparent light feeling and glare effect. The Danube's gradient color is also incorporated into the fading plating process. On the basis of the blue and purple gradients, a layer of silver coating is added to make the mysterious dark flowing silver between the blue and purple gradients faintly visible. Swan Lake, as a color exclusively created by women of the vivo S6 series, has a more dreamy, romantic and agile overall performance. The color matching of Swan Lake uses the production process of injection molding film. The visual effect on the back of the fuselage is not only transparent, but also the effect of changing light is more outstanding under the sunlight. In order to make its color performance more textured, the vivo S6 series Swan Lake color matching adds frosted texture on top of the body color coating, and the visual effect is excellent. Under the designer's careful color adjustment, the beauty of visual vocal music is elegantly displayed on the back of the vivo S6 series.

The vivo S6 series is equipped with a 6.44-inch 2400 * 1080 resolution AMOLED water drop screen. The new screen soft light ring fill light technology allows the screen of the vivo S6 series to maintain a more complete visual perception, while also playing a great role in the evolution of the self-timer function. In addition, the vivo S6 series also continues vivo's leading advantages in screen fingerprint technology, supports vivo's latest generation screen fingerprint technology, screen unlocking speed has been greatly improved, and the unlocking experience has been upgraded again.

Front 32-megapixel large aperture lens

The vivo S series is the flagship selfie series of the vivo family. The third-generation vivo S6 series uses a new 32-megapixel front-facing lens module, which raises the aperture to F / 2.08, which greatly increases the amount of light compared to the vivo S5. Aiming at the industry problems of poor quality of low-light selfie imaging, the vivo S6 series has done its homework this time.

The upgraded hardware strength and screen fill light technology have improved the basic picture quality of selfies; the multi-level exposure fusion method and the new Raw domain noise reduction technology can ensure that the light and dark areas are balanced while performing comprehensive noise reduction to make the hair more beautiful. Good separation, uniform face noise, and better background noise; the scene separation technology not only guarantees the brightness of the face, but also reflects the atmosphere of the night scene; coupled with the ultra-clear beauty optimization, users will easily get moving night selfies.

As an important part, the screen soft light ring fill light technology is a new attempt of the vivo S6 series in front selfies. When taking selfies in a low light environment, users can turn on the screen fill function of the vivo S6 series to fill the face, just like turning on a "protagonist halo" for themselves in low light. When users use the "protagonist halo" to take selfies, they can preview the effects of the selfie in real time, which greatly improves the rate of dark-light selfies. Even more surprising is that this aura of the vivo S6 series can also adapt to cold and warm light according to the ambient light, so that the color of the fill light more closely matches the ambient light, and makes the skin's skin tone more uniform. The soft light ring screen lighting technology combined with excellent software algorithms presents the beauty of the face and a clear background at the same time, and the self-timer effect of dark light has been substantially improved.

"Five-fold super-textured beauty" is a self-timer beauty feature that vivo has built heavily and has attracted the attention and love of many young consumers. The vivo S6 series is upgraded based on it, bringing a brand new "5-fold super texture beauty 2.0". In terms of "vital beauty", a variety of heavy makeup combinations have been upgraded to give users personalized choices; "smart beauty" provides users with more facial contour position adjustments to make their faces more refined; and for "glowing skin tone" The vivo S6 series can soften the beauty and skin tone in backlight and glare scenes; "textured skin" can greatly improve the hydration of skin texture. In the performance of "exquisite features", the full-face highlight effect complements the figure's face to make it more three-dimensional and full.

In addition to the beauty function, the vivo S6 series also upgrades multiple portrait styles, adding two neutral styles "texture" and "advanced gray" that are popular with users, and adding 2 destination styles and faces. Separate from the background tone to enhance the overall style and atmosphere of the photo. At the same time, the vivo S6 series also supports the front 1080P video beauty function, bringing more diverse beauty selfie selfie play.

48-megapixel ultra-clear four-shot, full evolution of video image stabilization

On the rear camera, the vivo S6 series continues the mature full scene-level four-camera solution of the vivo S5, including 48-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, 112-degree 8-megapixel wide-angle lens, 2-megapixel depth-of-field blur lens, and 2-megapixel Macro lens. On this basis, the ability to shoot in low light was emphasized. In the dark environment, the vivo S6 series can automatically trigger the super night scene mode, and generate a high-quality night scene photo through the multi-frame synthesis technology of 12-16 photos, and restore the details of the night scene in depth. Whether it is mountains, rivers, night city scenes, insects, dew, or portraits, only one vivo S6 series phone can handle it.

In addition to the upgraded camera function, the vivo S6 series also brings surprises in video shooting. The first is to support front / rear dual super video stabilization technology. With the EIS electronic image stabilization algorithm and more accurate sensors, the vivo S6 series allows users to easily shoot excellent 1080P ultra-clear video. Secondly, the vivo S6 series will also support front and rear dual-view shooting, which can record the front and rear frames in the same frame, and provides two different styles of picture-in-picture mode and dual-view mode, for each vibrato blogger and vlogger Save a lot of troubles in post editing and share fun life in real time.

Integrated dual-mode 5G chip opens flagship high-speed experience

As the 5G "first show" of the vivo S series, the vivo S6 series is equipped with a flagship Exynos 980 5G chip. The chip is jointly developed by vivo and Samsung, and supports two networking methods of NSA & SA. In the 4G-5G dual connection state, the theoretical peak download speed can reach up to 3.55Gbps. Not only that, the vivo S6 series also has data network acceleration technology and multi-network intelligent switching function to ensure 5G network stability, and users can enjoy the thrill of high-speed downloading at any time.

Not only has a high-speed network, the performance of this "inner core" of the vivo S6 series is equally strong. Exynos 980 uses ARM's next-generation Cortex-A77 CPU architecture, built-in high-performance NPU and DSP unit, can achieve 5 trillion operations in 1 second operation speed, provides powerful AI capabilities and performance support for vivo S6 series. Thanks to the improvement of chip performance, the vivo S6 series brings an upgraded version of vivo Multi-Turbo acceleration technology to users, and the game running speed has been significantly improved.

Excellent performance requires the same strong memory and battery life support. The vivo S6 supports a large memory combination of up to 8GB + 256GB. It has a 4500mAh large capacity battery and is equipped with 18W vivo dual-engine flash charging technology, which can quickly restore power to the phone.

Fully optimized entertainment functions to create an immersive experience exclusively for young people

In terms of entertainment features, the vivo S6 series has also been optimized and enriched. The game space created by the vivo S6 series can aggregate local games, integrate game duration, traffic statistics and other data, visually display the mobile phone CPU, temperature and load, and provide a new growth system gameplay, forming a closed-loop integrated game platform. Bring users an immersive gaming experience. The upgraded real-time ear return 2.0 also realizes low-latency K-songs. Together with vivo's independently developed reverb, EQ, anti-howling, noise reduction and other technologies, it brings users a stage-like K-song experience.

Jovi voice assistant upgraded again, easy experience of smart life

The vivo S6 series has also been upgraded in terms of system applications. As an artificial intelligence voice assistant created by vivo for users, Jovi provides intelligent customized services for users. On the vivo S6 series, Jovi has become more "smart". After the upgrade, Jovi can not only complete the routine voice functions such as alarm clock and weather, but also newly added the automatic execution of appointment tasks, which supports music, news, FM, navigation and switch control. And other comprehensive voice services to bring users a smarter technology life experience.

The vivo S6 series has also improved the original mutual transmission function to achieve more convenient use methods. You can not only cast your phone to the screen, but also directly control the phone, such as playing games on the computer, editing notes, and swiping videos. The new version of the image recognition function is also more intelligent: the content and format distribution of the text can be identified from multiple pictures, intelligently forming a word text to save information, which can be paged according to the picture, or can be compactly formed into continuous word text, which is very convenient .

No matter it is the grasp of the development trend of science and technology or the research of aesthetic design, the vivo S series has always been exploring and evolving from the perspective of young people. In early 2020, the vivo S series explored the 5G field for the first time, bringing full sincerity to young consumer groups, and it will become the preferred 5G mobile phone for more young people. The vivo S6 series 8G + 128G version is priced at 2698 yuan (USD $385) , and the 8G + 256G version is priced at 2998 yuan (USD $428) . They will be officially launched on the official website of vivo, the official experience store of vivo and major e-commerce stores on April 3.