The new flagship of the Xiaomi MIX series may be released this year and Lei Jun will live broadcast to answer questions

On February 6, the official blog of Xiaomi stated that Lei Jun will answer the questions related to the Xiaomi MIX series in the live broadcast of Xiaomi Mall on February 7. Subsequently, Wang Teng, the product manager of Xiaomi Redmi, reposted that “I have asked all this, is it impossible to explain it?” It implies that Xiaomi will launch the MIX series of mobile phones this year.

Wang Teng hints that Xiaomi will launch MIX4 this year

It was previously revealed that Mi MIX4 will be released this summer, equipped with Snapdragon 888 mobile platform and MIUI13 system, the first 150 million pixel main camera, and the application of Mi’s third-generation off-screen camera technology, while achieving a full screen effect, It will also effectively reduce the grille effect in the front camera area. The news pointed out that in the first half of 2021, under-screen proactive mobile phones tend to be small-scale mass production, and mass production will be achieved in the second half of the year as soon as possible.

Xiaomi MIX4 poster exposed (picture source Weibo)

Some netizens exposed the poster of Xiaomi MIX4. It can be seen from the picture that the mobile phone adopts a waterfall screen design with four rear cameras, which are arranged in a vertical row on the left half of the fuselage. The sizes of the four cameras are not the same. The first one is the largest and the last three are the same size. In addition, in terms of charging, there are currently many claims that support 120W super fast charging and 200W super fast charging. Of course, the specific data needs to be personally responded by Mr. Lei in the live broadcast room tomorrow. Please look forward to it.