The new generation of smart cockpit solutions created by Ekatong Technology, Visteon, and Qualcomm will be mass-produced in Geely Xingyue L

According to news on June 23, Ekatong Technology, together with Visteon and Qualcomm Technologies, jointly announced that a new generation of smart cockpit solutions based on the leading technologies of the three parties will be officially mass-produced. The solution integrates the next-generation smart cockpit system of Yikatong Technology, Visteon’s SmartCore cockpit domain controller and the third-generation Qualcomm SnapdragonTM automotive digital cockpit platform, which will empower Geely Xingyue L to set a new benchmark for cockpit experience and bring users Come to a new digital travel experience.



In this set of solutions, the hardware capabilities of Visteon and Qualcomm Technologies not only lay a solid technical foundation for an efficient and smooth interactive experience, but also provide AI voice assistants, multi-screen interactions, multi-tasking and other human-machines. The interactive mode provides a wealth of possibilities. Based on strong hardware capabilities and a solid background technology foundation, the new generation of smart cockpit system of Ekatong Technology has constructed a “full-scenario service ecology” with mobile travel scenarios as the core, providing active services based on scenario engines and full-time online The end-cloud integrated voice assistant, rich application and hardware ecology, and mass high-quality content across platforms. This smart cockpit solution will be mass-produced for the first time on Geely Xingyue L.

“With advanced smart cockpit system, open intelligent networked ecology and leading user scale, Ekatong Technology is rapidly moving towards the world’s leading automotive intelligent technology company.” Yikatong Technology CEO Shen Ziyu said: “Visteon and Qualcomm Technologies is the ideal partner for Ekatong Technology to achieve this goal. It relies on Visteon’s strong hardware integration capabilities and software engineering capabilities on the cockpit domain controller, as well as the stable and reliable performance of the cockpit domain controller. With the powerful computing power provided by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Digital Cockpit Platform, Ekatong Technology will be able to provide users with a richer and more diverse interaction methods and a more immersive interconnection experience.”