The new HomePod mini released is more intelligent

The new HomePod mini adopts a brand-new design, using the S5 processor used on the Apple Watch before, and the touchpad on the top has a light-emitting function that allows users to perceive its operation, and Apple will create the HomePod mini to passively listen to the sound quality , Intelligent assistant and intelligent home control center integrated equipment.

In terms of sound quality, HomePod mini was operated by the previous generation and can emit 360-degree surround sound. This time, it has added the function of calculating music in advance, so that the sound output is calculated to achieve the best effect.

And HomePod mini will automatically register dual devices for output when two HomePod minis are close together. The U1 chip previously released on the iPhone 11 series finally comes in handy this time. Users can stream media when the iPhone is close to HomePod mini. Transmission to make HomePod mini' output.