The new iPhone SE has achieved local production in India, Foxconn may have new actions

Recently, Indian media MacRumors reported that Apple has confirmed that its new iPhone SE has fully realized localized production in India. In other words, Apple’s new iPhone SE for the Indian market will all be produced in India, and no more imported products.

According to reports, Wistron is responsible for assembling the new iPhone SE in India, and Wistron’s factory is set up in Bangalore, India. As one of Apple’s long-term partners, Wistron has found many Apple products in India, such as the first-generation iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, etc., and it is expected to assemble iPhone 12 next year.

As for Apple’s other partner Foxconn, it is also increasing its investment in the Indian market. Its main assembled models are iPhone 11 and iPhone XR. At present, Foxconn’s investment in the Indian market has reached 1 billion US dollars. Foxconn also plans to build a factory in Mexico and assemble the iPhone in the new factory for the American market.

Speaking of the localization of the iPhone SE, this is actually Apple’s helpless move. India imposes an additional 20% tax on imported smartphones, which also greatly weakens the competitiveness of imported Apple products, and localized production is one of the means to solve this problem.