The new Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14/15 interface exposure: what's wrong with the docking station

Lenovo Xiaoxin Notebook officially announced two new products, Xiaoxin Air 14 2021 and Xiaoxin Air 15 2021 in September, but the specific release time has not been confirmed.

Recently, Lenovo Xiaoxin officially announced the interface photos of the above two new products, from which you can see that the interfaces of these two products are quite rich and can meet the demand without using a docking station.

Judging from the officially released pictures, Xiaoxin Air 14 2021 and Xiaoxin Air 15 2021 are equipped with full-featured USB Type-C. Video transmission, data transmission, PD power supply and other things can be done through the first line. In addition, these two chips also have dual USB-A ports, HDMI ports and SD card reader ports, and also support power-off charging.

In other respects, according to previously exposed information, these two Lenovo Xiaoxin chips both use Intel 11th-generation Core processors and MX 450 discrete graphics. The biggest difference is that Xiaoxin Air 15 2021 has a numeric keypad, while Xiaoxin Air 14 2021 does not have a numeric keypad.