The new MacBook Pro 16 is getting closer and closer to launch

According to the news on August 14, a blogger had already disclosed the information about the MacBook Pro 16 system and its configuration. Today, the blogger gave the relevant information about the new MacBook Pro 16.

Officials have previously said that the new MacBook Pro 16 is likely to be a regular iterative upgrade like the 2020 27 inch IMAC and may be available in November or December this year. In addition to the CPU / GPU upgrade, the new MacBook Pro 16 is expected to carry a new T3 security chip and 1080p camera, according to bloggers today.

At present, the 16 inch MacBook Pro uses 720p FaceTime and carries 9-generation i7 and i9 processors. AMD’s radon Pro 5300m, 5500m and 5600m can be selected as the graphics card. It is expected that the new MacBook Pro 16 will be upgraded to ten generations of core, with the same number of cores and increased frequency. Let’s look forward to the new MacBook Pro 16 shining on the stage.