The new magicbook se is exposed, and it is also an AMD processor

At present, in the domestic light and thin market, Honor magic book has occupied a place with excellent configuration and affordable price. Recently, Weibo owner @ Guanshan’s uncle revealed that Honor will release two new Magic Book se notebooks.

In fact, these two magicbook se are not new products, but the new versions of magicbook 14 and magicbook Pro released last year. The new models are magicbook 14 Se and magicbook 16 se respectively, which are equipped with the sharp dragon 53500u and the sharp dragon 7 3700h processor respectively. The Magic Book 16 se will also support 16 GB of running memory.

From the performance point of view, these two laptops are not outstanding, for the office is certainly no problem. In terms of games, it can be used to play Tencent games such as League of heroes, dungeons and warriors. However, when it comes to large-scale single-machine games, it seems that they are not able to do it.

Magic Book Se series is a notebook specially launched by Honor for student party and office users. It focuses on light weight and does not pay much attention to performance. As for the price, although there is no exact information, it should not be too expensive for this configuration. Now that the holiday season is over and the start of school season is approaching, these two flimsy books may become the preferred notebook for many student party members.