The new patent suggests that Apple watch may be able to get rid of the iPhone

Apple insider has exposed a patent for a new antenna from apple and speculated that it could improve the ability of the apple watch to use alone without an iPhone partner. Although many people feel that Wi Fi is enough, support for LTE cellular mobile networks can unlock more usage scenarios for Apple smart watch users.

But what’s even more surprising is that the new patent depicts a new way to integrate antennas into the display screen. It not only helps to improve the Wi Fi experience, but also hopes to unlock a wider range of LTE cellular network usage scenarios.

(from: USPTO)

Apple explained that by placing the antenna correctly in the display, the connectivity performance of the device can be significantly improved.

The display module includes a dielectric layer, and the electrode part of the touch sensor can also be formed by the conductive trace on the dielectric layer.

After the antenna is embedded in the display module, the grid interwoven on the dielectric layer can form the resonant unit of the antenna.

If it is made of indium tin oxide, it can ensure the normal use of wireless transceiver function and make it almost transparent.

Unfortunately, as a technology concept patent, we can’t see it on Apple watch series 6 soon.

This year’s apple watch series 6 is expected to have OLED screens like the previous models, but the future models are likely to be Apple products with microled display technology, although it will take three to four years.

Microled screens have several advantages over LCD and OLED displays, including thinner and more energy efficient. For example, the power consumption of micro LED screen is only one tenth of that of LCD display, and the color saturation is close to that of OLED. In addition, microleds can support higher brightness, higher dynamic range and wider color gamut, while achieving faster update speed, wider viewing angle and lower power consumption.

Kuo, an analyst, has said that Apple has six Mini LED products under development, which will be launched as early as 2020 and 2021. It is reported that Apple will adopt the technology for the first time in the 12.9-inch iPad pro to be launched later this year, and then promote the technology to 27 inch IMAC pro, 14.1 inch MacBook Pro, 16 inch MacBook Pro, 10.2-inch iPad and 7.9-inch ipad Mini.

It is reported that Apple has been testing the apple watch prototype with micro LED display since 2017. Although early rumors suggested that the apple watch with microled displays could be launched as early as 2020, a whistleblower said in May that this year’s apple watch series 6 will use the same OLED display as the previous model, which poured cold water on this prediction.

The new screen technology first appeared on the apple watch, which used OLED screens when it was launched in 2014, and then moved to the iPhone x three years later.