The nova smart watch is coming? Huawei applied for the "nova Watch" trademark

Driven by the all-scenario smart strategy, Huawei’s smartwatch family has become very rich and has gained considerable market share. According to data, Huawei applied for the “nova Watch” trademark on January 11, 2021, which means that Huawei’s nova series may launch smartwatch products. Currently, the trademark is in the process of applying.

(Source: Enterprise Check)

It is reported that nova is a series officially launched by Huawei in 2016, and the target audience is younger than Mate and P series. Its newly launched nova 8 series of mobile phones are products that focus on appearance, lightness, vlog, and photography, which are in line with the needs of young consumers. If Nova enters the field of smart watches, it will definitely design according to the preferences of young consumers. Not surprisingly, the new product should meet the expectations of the Yan Value Party, and the price will not be too high.

In addition, this move will also help enrich the product line of the nova series and help it become a relatively independent series. At present, the news about the Huawei nova smart watch is that for the time being, and we will pay attention to it as soon as there is an update.