The official announcement of Ruilong edition of Honor magicbook will be equipped with a 7Nm processor

Yesterday morning, Honor official and AMD SUPERWAY semiconductor official microblogs said hello, many people have guessed that Honor will soon launch notebook products equipped with the latest AMD processor.

Sure enough, Honor Smart Life officially announced the existence of the Ruilong version of the Honor Magic Book Series this morning. It should be noted that the official point of honor here is the magicbook series. Therefore, there must be more than one new product, including the magicbook 14, magicbook 15 and the latest magicbook pro. They will all be upgraded to the latest sharp dragon 4000 series processor. You can look forward to it.

At present, Lenovo has made a good start in the light market. Whether it’s a 14 inch or 15 inch lightweight version, the price of the 16 GB high-frequency memory and 512gb nvme solid-state version with the sharp dragon R5 processor is around 4000 yuan (USD $571) , and the whole series is equipped with 100% sRGB color gamut screen. The product power is very fragrant. I wonder if Honor can break through this situation and bring surprise to consumers?