The official announcement of the HTC new machine conference: See you on June 16

Recently, HTC posted a new poster on the official website, and the preview will be held on June 16th "1+1 unlimited possibilities" press conference! There is a phone looming on the poster. If there is no accident, this conference should be the HTC new mobile phone conference.

As for who this new machine is, there are 2 possibilities, one is the previously ubiquitous HTC's new 5G flagship, and the other is the recently exposed HTC mid-range new machine Desire 20 Pro, the latter is more likely.

According to the previously exposed Desire 20 Pro design drawing, it uses the popular digging screen design, the digging is located in the upper left corner of the front, rear fingerprint recognition, and the rear four shots. The rear camera design is very similar to the shape on the poster.

In terms of specifications, Desire 20 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon 665 processor, 2340×1080 resolution screen, 400ppi, 6GB memory, Android 10 system.

In addition, there is news that the conference will be linked with its own vive VR headset, but the specific content is not clear. It should be that the new machine can interact with vive in some form. Let us wait and see.