The official version of iOS 13.4 is officially launched, improving the signal, reducing background killing and increasing fluency!

In the early morning of March 25th, Beijing time, Apple officially launched a new version of iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4, and what new features have been added to the official version of iOS 13.4 / iPadOS 13.4, let's take a look.

First of all, iOS 13.4 introduced a new emoji sticker and the ability to share iCloud Drive folders from the Files app. The latter can provide access control, which only allows explicitly invited users to access or anyone with a folder link can access iCloud Drive. In addition, in the official version of ios13.4, users can use NFC to connect to carkey on the car without downloading any APP. It can be used as a car key and startup, which is very convenient and fast.

And one of the most important functions this time is to add touchpad keyboard support to the system for the iPad. Not only the trackpad, users can also connect an external Apple trackpad or mouse via Bluetooth, allowing iPad users to control the iPad like a laptop. In addition, Apple Pay will also add transportation cards in Shenzhen, Lingnan, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and other regions, but the integration of Alipay payment into Apple Pay has not been updated in this version.

iOS 13.4 has also been optimized for other small functions, such as faster facial recognition, significantly reduced background killing, and optimization of baseband. If it were you, would you update?