The oil price is 16 yuan/liter, the highest in the world! Norway becomes the first country where electric car market share exceeds that of fuel car

If a country really wants to promote electric vehicles, it is actually very easy. It is enough to increase the gas price of passenger cars. In fact, there is a country that has done so, and that is Norway.

As one of the most environmentally friendly countries in Europe, Norway is a major oil producer, the seventh largest in the world and the largest oil producer in Western Europe, but Norway has the highest oil prices in the world.

Currently, the price of gasoline in Norway is around RMB 16 per liter, the highest in the world. It is precisely under the pressure of high oil prices that even in the cold regions of high latitudes, Norwegians generally choose to buy pure electric vehicles.

Recently, according to data released by the Norwegian Road Federation (OFV) on Tuesday, the country’s electric vehicle sales accounted for 54.3% of the total market in 2020, becoming the first country in the world to account for more than half of the annual electric vehicle sales.

In just ten years, the market share of electric vehicles in Norway has risen from a mere 1% to more than half. High fuel prices and subsidies for high-purity electric vehicles are indispensable.

In terms of specific data, Norway sold a total of 141,412 new cars in 2020, of which 76,789 were pure electric vehicles.

In terms of brands, Audi e-tron surpassed Tesla to become Norway’s 2020 electric car sales champion. The most popular Model 3 in 2019 ranked second.

More radically, Norway will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2025, faster than the United Kingdom, which has been entangled in 2035 or 2030.

Regarding the achievement of achieving more than half of the annual tram market share for the first time, OFV CEO Oeyvind Thorsen said: Norway is currently on the road to achieve the goal of 2025 (ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles).

It is Norway’s positive and optimistic attitude towards electric vehicles that the Norwegian car market has attracted special attention from global new energy vehicle manufacturers. Not only did Tesla Model 3 land in Norway, but the domestically produced BYD Tang and Xiaopeng G3i also reached the Norwegian market.

By 2025, after Norway completely bans the sale of fuel vehicles, what changes will happen to the country’s auto market is worthy of the attention of every country and car company.