The parameters of the two new Redmi phones have been exposed? 108MP main camera or Note 10

Previously, Mobile China had reported the appearance of the Redmi Note 10 series models, but since the official has not officially announced this phone, we do not know the parameter information of these phones. On October 10, a well-known digital blogger on Weibo @数码闲聊站 released the parameter information of the two mobile phones, and the comment section pointed out that these parameter information was for the Redmi Note 10 series models.

Redmi Note 10系列新机?
Redmi Note 10 series new machine?

According to the information released by the blogger, two models with LCD screens and single-hole design were unveiled. Among them, the first mobile phone uses a single-hole LCD screen design and is equipped with a mt6853 processor. Another mobile phone also uses a single-hole LCD screen design, equipped with sm7225 processor, some said it is Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor, equipped with 108 million pixel lens.

Redmi Note10渲染图
Redmi Note10 rendering

In other respects, as Redmi has not officially announced this series of phones, we are temporarily unable to determine the authenticity of the above information. However, based on previous revelations, we can know the appearance information of this series of models. The rear camera module of this series uses a circular design. The strange thing is that there is a square design in the circular module, with three lenses and a flash in the middle. The text information on the camera module indicates that the main camera of the module is 48 million pixels (consistent with the information of the above model). The silver rear camera module and the light blue back cover still bring a lot of impact.