The payment on the whole platform exceeds 8.5 billion, and Xiaomi's 816 thanksgiving season is not easy

The ten-year thanksgiving season of Xiaomi 816 came to an end. According to official information, during the Xiaomi 816 Thanksgiving season this year, the entire platform paid more than 8.5 billion. This year coincides with the 10th anniversary of MIUI, Xiaomi’s 9th birthday, Lei Jun’s ten-year speech, and Douyin’s live broadcast debut. It can be said that both Mi fans and passersby have been attracted by this celebration.

From speech to live broadcast on Douyin, Lei Jun “played” High

On August 11th, Lei Jun used a wonderful ten-year speech to push this year’s millet 816 thanksgiving season to the climax. This is also Lei Jun’s first public speech. Through the speech, Lei Jun tells many little-known stories about Xiaomi in the past ten years, from which he can explore Xiaomi’s successful methodology. At the same time, it confirmed the three iron laws of Xiaomi: “Technology is the foundation, cost-effectiveness is the key, make the coolest product”, Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition and Xiaomi Transparent TV also came out that day.

While the outside world was still reminiscing about Lei Jun’s ten-year speech, Lei Jun landed on Douyin live broadcast on August 16 and opened his first live show with goods. Selected 20 products, each of which was personally tried, recommended and demonstrated, which aroused enthusiasm in the live broadcast room. At the same time, Lei Jun also explained the unknown “stories” behind the products one by one. The final sales of 210 million and the cumulative number of viewers of 50.53 million set a new record for Douyin live streaming.

It has to be said that as an Internet brand, Xiaomi has built an interactive position for Xiaomi, Lei Jun, and fans through careful management of new media since its birth. Xiaomi’s official live broadcast is the highlight of the 816 thanksgiving season of Xiaomi this year. It also created an “18-day long live broadcast” record, creating sales of 710 million, the total number of views exceeded 60.9 million, and the total number of interactions exceeded 240 million in one fell swoop.

The most difficult to “select” star products, mobile phones, TVs, AIoT are in full bloom

Throughout the ten-year thanksgiving season of Xiaomi 816, all Xiaomi products have continuously set new records. In terms of new products, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition sold over 400 million in 10 minutes on its first sale day on August 16. From 5299 yuan (USD $757) to 6999 yuan (USD $1000) , Mi Noodles used the most popular attitude to affirm this flagship production of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary. If at the beginning of the year, the difficulty of finding a Mi 10 Pro is considered an accident, then it can be said that Xiaomi’s high-end road has taken the most solid step.

Similarly, the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition, the 1999 pricing made many rice noodles chant “Ye Qing Hui”, the first one-minute sale on August 14 directly exceeded 100,000 units. On the 16th, Lei Jun had to start the self-deprecating mode with a song “Youth” in his live Douyin live show.

In recent years, Xiaomi TV has always maintained impressive results, dominating the TV sales list of major e-commerce festivals. This time, during the ten-year thanksgiving season of Xiaomi 816, Redmi Smart TV MAX 98″ achieved an amazing record of over 1,660 units sold in a single day. It stood out from the Xiaomi TV category and created the “spring” of 98″ TV products.

As an important component of Xiaomi’s “Mobile X AIoT” strategy, this year’s Xiaomi AIoT smart devices sold more than 3.9 million units during the 816 Thanksgiving season. In the next decade, what kind of product experience Xiaomi’s “Mobile X AIoT” strategy will bring is worth looking forward to.

The ten-year thanksgiving season of Xiaomi 816 has come to an end. Lei Jun started the new 10-year journey of Xiaomi with “Believe in yourself and never go ahead”. The future of Xiaomi is promising.