The Perseid meteor shower appeared in the night sky, OPPO Find X2 Pro clearly recorded the wonderful moments

As one of the three major meteor showers of the year, the Perseid meteor shower in August is widely discussed every time. The evening of August 12. The Perseid meteor shower ushered in the best viewing period, with 110 meteors per hour in the night sky. At the same time, OPPO also invited photographers located in the Tengger Desert of Alxa to use Find X2 Pro to record long-awaited romantic moments. Without further ado, let’s enjoy a few beautiful pictures recorded by Find X2 Pro.

As we all know, the night environment has always been a challenge for photography, especially for portable mobile phones. This time, Find X2 Pro can clearly record the night sky, meteors, and ground scenes, which is inseparable from the ultimate exploration of images.

It is understood that the rear of Find X2 Pro uses a 48-megapixel custom main camera, with a photosensitive area of 1/1.4 inch, which is a strong foundation for low-light shooting. At the same time, this lens also supports hardware-level dual native ISO technology, which can intelligently switch the sensitivity for dark scenes and bright environments in the same photo. High ISO is used in dark light, and low ISO is used in high light. Finally, the latitude of the picture is greatly improved, so that every detail is clearly restored.

In addition to the main camera, the telephoto lens is also a great tool for stargazing and watching the moon. Find X2 Pro is equipped with a periscope telephoto lens that supports the second-generation 10x hybrid optical zoom at the rear, and through the newly upgraded OIS driver chip and telephoto stability optimization algorithm, you can stabilize and shake at high zoom , Easily bring the starry sky far in the sky to your eyes.

For a long time, OPPO has been continuously exploring the image, from the variable aperture, to the industry’s first periscope telephoto, and now to the leading Find X2 Pro. Every innovation brings consumers a brand new photo experience. . The photographer’s ability to focus on the meteors in the sky is also a testament to OPPO’s continuous growth in the imaging field. I believe that in the future, OPPO will continue to use its strong R&D capabilities and keen insight to bring consumers more mobile phones with excellent imaging capabilities.