The Red Devils watch officially debuted and will be released together with Tencent Red Devils Gaming Phone 6

Some time ago, Nubia officially announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on March 4, officially releasing a new model-Tencent Red Magic Game Phone 6.

A few days ago, Ni Fei, President of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. revealed on Weibo that in addition to the new generation of flagship models, this conference will also release a new smart wearable product-the Red Devils watch.

Judging from the official renderings released by Ni Fei, the Red Devils watch will use a round dial with a scale ring design. The watch is mainly black as a whole, and there is an iconic red circle on the top right of the physical button as an embellishment. On the whole, the design of the Red Devils smart watch is similar to that of a traditional watch and is more acceptable to users.

At present, the Red Devil official has not announced the relevant information of the Red Devil watch, but according to the current mainstream smart watch specifications, it is believed that functions such as health monitoring and information notification will not be absent on the Red Devil watch.

In addition, according to the brand positioning of the Red Devils’ main games, the Red Devils’ series of mobile phones have been optimized for games. As its first smart wearable device, the Red Devils Watch is expected to bring some new game-related functions to users.