The Redmi G game is about to come, can it affect the current market?

Today, two brands have announced that they will launch game products, one is Redmi and the other is Honor. Honor claims that its game product is called Honor Hunter Gamebook, and this LOGO is the same as the previous Hunter router.

But today I’m not talking about this, but the Redmi G gaming notebook that will be released on August 14. Sure enough, although Xiaomi seems to have gradually abandoned the game category, but the cup of the game market still wants to divide it up and let the Redmi brand do it, which is more appropriate.

Compared with thin and light notebooks, the cost-effective characteristics of gaming notebooks can affect consumers’ desire to purchase machines. As long as you are cheap enough, you can attract more people’s attention. This is also the time when the gaming notebook market emerged in 2017. The reason for the new brand.

▼Brand Tucao statements circulating on the Internet

But now is 2020, the popularity of e-sports has passed, and after eating chicken, there has not been a popular end game for a long time. Consumers’ desire to buy gaming books is getting lower and smaller, and the market is getting smaller and smaller. It is actually difficult for Redmi to open a way, let alone the existence of a brand like Lenovo that is crazy.

From the official renderings, we can see the appearance of the Redmi G gaming laptop. Although there are only side photos, we can still see something.

First of all, it can be seen from the thickness ratio of the screen to the body that this is not a thin and light gaming notebook with a thickness of about 20mm. Then, the black border at the bottom of the screen is relatively large, which means that there is plenty of space on the C side, and the keyboard and trackpad experience should not be bad.

There is a reflective component under the brand LOGO, which may be a camera. Good guy, Redmi’s first notebook with a camera is a game notebook, and it is also a nostril camera, which is too much.

The camera may be placed down for the pursuit of narrow bezels, but is this necessary?

Regarding the configuration of the Redmi G gaming notebook, there have been reports before.

It is said that Redmi G will launch the undisclosed i5-10200H processor for the first time. I found it in the Intel product library and there is no such model. It is guessed that it has four cores and eight threads like i5-10300H, but the frequency is a little lower.

This means that Redmi G uses the Intel platform, which is consistent with mainstream game books, and is a relatively stable solution.

But I still have to complain. Intel can have a snack. The next R5 has six cores and twelve threads. The next generation i5 is still four cores. This is not justified.

Regarding the understanding of the game, Lu Weibing has his own views.

What should mainstream games in 2020 look like? In addition to the traditional big pieces-CPU, graphics card, memory, hard disk need high configuration, 16.1 inches large screen, 144Hz high refresh rate, 100% sRGB, WiFi6 wireless network card, these… are the new standards of mainstream gaming laptops.

It seems that Redmi G has all the above.

So how much does Redmi G cost? Lu Weibing said that Redmi G is deadly at the 5,000 yuan (USD $714) file.

What kind of game book can I buy on the market for 5000 yuan (USD $714) ?

Let’s look for products at this price range of various brands on the e-commerce platform:


  • Shadow Elf 6 i5 8+512 GTX1650 5499 yuan (USD $786)
  • Light and Shadow Wizard 6 Max i5 8+512 GTX1650 16.1 5499 yuan (USD $786)

One word to describe it is to pull, the performance is not given, and the good screen is not given.


  • Flying Fortress 8 i5 8+512 GTX1650 45% NTSC 144Hz 5499 yuan (USD $786)

A little better than HP, given the gaming screen.


  • Travel magazine G5 i5 8+512 GTX1650Ti 72% NTSC 5499 yuan (USD $786)

The screen is better, and the performance of the graphics card is also improved a bit, which is better than the previous two.


  • The rescuer R7000 R5 16+512 GTX1650 100%sRGB 5499 yuan (USD $786)

The memory is larger, the processor performance is high, and the screen is okay, not bad.


  • Shadow Knight Engine i5 8+512 GTX1650 72% NTSC 144Hz 5299 yuan (USD $757)
  • Shadow Knight Engine i5 8+512 GTX1650Ti 72% NTSC 144Hz 5589 yuan (USD $798)

The screen is excellent, and you can play happily by adding memory.


  • Z7M i5 8+512 GTX1650 4999 yuan (USD $236)
  • Z7M i7 8+512 GTX1650 5499 yuan (USD $236)
  • Z7T i5 8+512 GTX1650Ti 144Hz 5499 yuan (USD $786)
  • G7T i5 8+512 GTX1650Ti 17.3 144Hz 72% NTSC 5799 yuan (USD $828)
  • ZX6 desktop i5 8+512 GTX1650 144Hz 4999 yuan (USD $714)
  • ZX6Ti desktop i5 8+512 GTX1650Ti 144Hz 5499 yuan (USD $786)

In my impression, the super cost-effective ship, compared with Acer, seems to be nothing special.

By comparison, we can see that if you only have a budget of about 5,000, the most cost-effective one you can buy on the market should be Acer’s Shadow Knight Engine. The performance of i5 8+512 GTX 1650Ti is 144Hz+72% NTSC. High-quality screen.

So do you guess how much does this configuration of Redmi G cost?

I think it should not be less than 5299 yuan (USD $757) , after all, the profit margin of PC hardware is too small.

But it does not rule out that in the future, Redmi and Honor will compete again and engage in a high price match at the same price. That’s when it is really fragrant.