The sales volume of Japanese cars in China last year may exceed 5 million for the first time

New car sales of Japanese cars in China in 2019 are expected to exceed 5 million for the first time, an increase of about 4% over 2018, foreign media reported Thursday.

The sales volume of Toyota and Honda’s new cars in China reached a record high, which played a driving role in the overall sales growth. According to data released by Toyota on January 8, the sales volume of new vehicles in China in 2019 increased by 9% compared with that in 2018, reaching 1620700. Nissan has been the number one seller of Japanese cars in China since 2009, but in 2019, Toyota won the title again 11 years later.

In 2019, Honda’s sales of new vehicles in China increased by 8.5% to 155443300; Nissan’s sales in China decreased by 1.1% to 154689100; Mazda’s sales decreased by 16.4% to 227750, falling into negative growth for two consecutive years.

According to Nikkei news, the sales volume of four Japanese car companies that have announced their sales volume and Mitsubishi automobile that will announce their performance in the near future may be close to 5.1 million vehicles in China in 2019, an increase of about 4% compared with 2018, approaching the domestic new car market scale in Japan in 2019 (5.1 million vehicles).

However, at present, the momentum of some car companies has weakened. From the perspective of sales volume in December 2019, Honda’s 10-month interval is lower than that of the same period last year, and Nissan has been in negative growth for four consecutive months. As for the sales target in 2020, Honda didn’t release specific figures, but said it would strive to surpass 2019;. Toyota, Nissan and Mazda will set sales targets in the future.