The same is the A14 chip, iPhone 12 Pro performance is not as good as iPad Air4

Yesterday morning, Apple released the latest generation of iPhone 12 series smartphones, the biggest highlight of which is the angular shape of the iPhone 4 era, and the addition of 5G signal support. The entire iPhone 12 series is equipped with an A14 chip based on the 5nm process.

However, the A14 chip is not the first time it has appeared. The iPad Air4 released in September has already been released. The results of iPhone 12 Pro have appeared on the Geekbench database recently, the processor frequency is 3.0GHz, single-core 1590 multi-core 3120.

For the iPad Air4 score, single-core 1583 multi-core 4198, it can be seen that the body of the iPhone 12 Pro may limit the multi-core performance of the A14 chip. Foreign media MacRumors speculates that this may be due to Geekbench 5 running immediately after the iPhone 12 Pro's simple settings, which sometimes leads to low results, but the cause is still not completely determined.