The screen super flagship OnePlus 8T is now open for appointment, officially on sale on October 19

October 10 news, announced a mobile phone screen plus OnePlus ultra flagship 8T open an appointment to buy, and in at 10:00 on October 19 officially on sale. Users can log in to Huantai Mall, OnePlus official website,, Tmall, Suning Tesco, Fenjile and other platforms to make reservations for OnePlus 8T mobile phones. Participate in the trade-in activities and get an additional subsidy of up to 1,500 yuan (USD $214) , and have a chance to win a lottery. machine.


OnePlus will hold an offline conference on October 15th in Beijing with the theme of "Let your eyesight, have power". It will bring users the super flagship OnePlus 8T screen, which is equipped with a 120Hz fluid screen, which will bring users smooth Sliding screen experience. The 8192-level automatic brightness adjustment and the front and rear dual photosensitive sensors bring a smooth brightness adjustment experience. In addition, OnePlus 8T's 120Hz pupil screen JNCD (JNCD represents the degree of color shift, the smaller the JNCD value, the more accurate the screen color display) average value is only 0.3, the screen color display is more accurate. OnePlus 8T's 120Hz pupil screen has obtained the A+ certification from DisplayMate, the world's authoritative screen evaluation agency. At the same time, OnePlus 8T is equipped with a 65W super flash charge and a 4500mAh large battery, which can be fully charged with 70% power in 20 minutes, which provides battery life guarantee for an excellent screen experience.

The industrial design of the previous generations of OnePlus mobile phones has been well received, and the appearance of OnePlus 8T is also highly anticipated. A few days ago, OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu posted on Weibo the back of the OnePlus 8T cyan color version in advance. It adopts a new four-camera layout in the upper left corner. The thickness is 8.4mm and the weight is only 188 grams. Duode’s thin and light flagship, Qingyu adopts the “diffuse texture” pioneered by OnePlus, which gives the glass the glaze texture of ceramics, which is elegant and quiet and not easy to stain fingerprints.

OnePlus 8T will simultaneously hold the OnePlus 8TPop-up flash event in seven cities across the country (Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Kunming) on October 17th. Users can experience and purchase new products in the first time. At the same time, you can also participate in on-site purchases and gifts.