The semiconductor industry landscape changes drastically, NVIDIA acquires ARM

On September 14th, NVIDIA officially confirmed that it has reached an agreement with SoftBank to acquire ARM for US$40 billion (approximately 273.3 billion yuan) in the form of stock + cash.

Softbank had previously revealed that it would sell its ARM company, and had sent invitations to Apple and Nvidia, but in the end it did not negotiate for a series of reasons other than Apple. In the end, Nvidia will acquire ARM under its umbrella.

According to the content of the two parties’ offer, NVIDIA will retain ARM’s open licensing business. At the same time, SoftBank’s commitment to acquire ARM in 2016 will continue to be fulfilled until September 2021. Since then, NVIDIA will retain the ARM brand name and expand its UK headquarters, allowing ARM to continue its intellectual property registration services in the UK. And maintain the openness and neutrality of ARM.

It is reported that if the two parties finally complete the transaction, they need to wait for the approval opinions of China, the United States, the European Union and other relevant authorities. The final landing time is expected to take 18 months.