The smart call patent exposes Musk as the inventor! Call it Tesla's most viral feature

Some time ago, Tesla introduced the “Smart Summoning” function to the outside world, which enables the vehicle to automatically call to its side to use the car in an unmanned state.

Once the function was released, it was well received by many car owners. Not only is science fiction cool, but also very practical. Today, more information about the smart call function is exposed.

A few days ago, overseas media announced a patent applied by Tesla for the smart summoning function in early 2019. The patent is titled “Automated and user-controllable enabling vehicle summons to reach designated locations”. It was published on August 13th, US time. Officially announced on Japan.

What everyone did not expect was that among the 18 inventors of the patent, the first one was Tesla founder Elon Musk himself, which really surprised many netizens.

In addition, Musk once said that the smart call function is Tesla’s most viral function.


In fact, the “automatic parking” function used by many current models is somewhat similar to Tesla’s “smart call”. The difference is that automatic parking can only be used around the parking space to achieve a small range of autonomous vehicles.

Tesla’s “Smart Summoning” function can realize automatic driving of vehicles on a larger scale, and can intelligently plan forward driving routes, actively avoid obstacles, and or change routes, which is more convenient in experience. Worry free.

It should be noted that Tesla’s “Smart Summon” function also has a distance limit. After a certain distance, the function cannot be activated.

And, “Smart Summon” is a feature of Tesla’s fully automated driving suite. Therefore, friends who want to experience, in addition to owning a Tesla, have to spend 64,000 yuan (USD $9143) to purchase a fully autonomous driving kit to spend money to enjoy this feature.