The smoothest UI of the year, 30 months without freezing, how does ColorOS create a "fast" experience

Master Lu’s official Weibo today announced the 2020 mobile phone report, and awarded a series of “Bull Horn Tip” awards. Among them, ColorOS was selected as the smoothest UI of the year with its smooth and natural user experience.

Master Lu said that since ColorOS 7, OPPO’s hidden strength in the system began to show. ColorOS 7 advocates the concept of “borderless” and pursues simple and intuitive “light vision”.

ColorOS 11, which is updated this year, will further carry forward this concept and fully open the permissions of UI and UX settings. The newly added anti-stuttering engine, AI application pre-launch, multi-core fusion algorithm, etc., further improve the overall fluency of the system. Coupled with the optimization of the new system for user authorization, improved interaction rate, and underlying security, you can feel OPPO’s confidence in doing a good job of the system and deep thinking about user experience.

Combined with the latest underlying Android 11 system, ColorOS 11 has made a lot of improvements to system fluency. The anti-jamming engine that fully implements the system can be optimized from four aspects: resource scheduling, resource mining, resource anti-aging, and abnormal optimization to improve the utilization of system resources, thereby improving the overall fluency of the mobile phone.

In terms of user experience, ColorOS 11 also brings quantum animation engine 2.0. It can make the system interaction more in line with physical laws and user cognition, and will not suddenly appear or disappear out of thin air, and is more natural. It also allows users to interrupt during the animation process, which is more in line with real life experience.

As Master Lu officially said, Quantum Animation has built a natural and smooth experience foundation for users starting from ColorOS 7. This year’s Quantum Animation 2.0 is further combined with keywords such as high refresh rate and sampling rate to enhance the experience of the entire system.

ColorOS 11 also added a lightning start, which enables the game to be opened in seconds, allowing users to return to the game faster. When the user’s character in the game is killed, he can switch to other applications at will. At this time, there will be a countdown timer on the screen, just click to quickly resume the game, so that your waiting is no longer boring.

With ColorOS 11’s optimization of software and resource scheduling, as well as good hardware configuration. The OPPO Reno5 series has obtained the five-level anti-aging performance certification of China Tyre Laboratories, which can achieve smooth escort for 30 months and achieve long-term use.

Going back to the “Bull Horn Tip” award presented by Master Lu this time, it should be noted that the sample is the average score of the top 3 models of the brand that will be listed in 2020. So not only include flagship phones, but also many mid-range and even low-end products.

And OPPO’s smart phone products do cover multiple price ranges, which also reflects that ColorOS is very well optimized for different hardware configurations, and the medium and high-end models have a better experience in theory.

Combining OPPO’s deep cultivation in system optimization in recent years, the future ColorOS will provide users with a smoother and easier-to-use experience. With the update of the system version, I believe that many products that OPPO has released will also bring new feelings in the future.